• Ron Jaworski thinks knee injury may affect RG3′s mechanics

    Summary of 3 articles · Updated Aug 22, 2013
    “I really don’t know what to expect,” Jaworski said. Jaworski is also concerned that Griffin won’t be able to move the way he could as a rookie. “I didn’t see the clean mechanics I’ve seen in the past. If Griffin not only wants to play in the first game, but have success, then trusting sound mechanics is a must. Will Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III be the same kind of runner after this year’s knee surgery as he was last year? That’s a good question. “I think just talking to other guys that have had that Rex [Grossman] had an ACL, and he said it does take a while, especially when it’s on your back leg, to come back to full strength. I think now I don’t notice it.”
    • Jaws: Ravens are best team in AFC

      When ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski watched the second half of the Super Bowl, he saw a San Francisco 49ers offense attack an "old and slow" Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. But, by upgrading the team's biggest weakness this offseason, Jaworski still believe…
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Robert Griffin III Report: Better mechanics

      The focus remains on his knee, just not always in regards to whether it’s fixed or not. At this point, it’s close to fully healed. Rather, it’s on how Robert Griffin III's passing remains impacted by the knee -- if at all -- when it comes to his mechani…
      Source: ESPN.com

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