• Rules give Ravens a cap advantage on Flacco tag

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Feb 15, 2013
    Per a source with intimate knowledge of the rules that apply, the five highest 2013 cap numbers at the quarterback position become fixed, for Flacco’s purposes, as soon as the Ravens apply the franchise tag to Flacco.  The Ravens eventually must decide whether to apply the non-exclusive franchise tag or the exclusive franchise tag to quarterback Joe Flacco, unless the two sides can work out a new contract. As explained by Albert Breer of NFL Network, the rules give the Ravens a way to soften the cap blow from using the pricier level of the tag.  That’s why it makes sense for the Ravens to wait until the last possible day to apply the franchise tag, if they plan to use the exclusive version.  This will ensure that any new quarterback contracts with lower cap numbers could drive the average down from $20.464 million. Restructurings or extensions would cause some of those numbers to drop, thereby dropping the average below its current level of $20.464 million.
    • Steelers can help ensure Ravens will carry huge cap number for Flacco

      We’ve established over the last two weeks that the Ravens may have to use the exclusive franchise tag on quarterback Joe Flacco, and that to do so would require the Ravens to set aside, under current calculations, $20.464 million in cap space. And while

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