• Rutgers alum Ray Rice and other Scarlet Knights want embattled AD Tim Pernetti to keep his job

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Apr 5, 2013
    Football has nothing to do with the scandal at Rutgers that’s threatening to cost athletic director Tim Pernetti his job, but a former Scarlet Knights running back is trying to rally support for Pernetti. Rice isn’t the only football alum trying to sway the school toward keeping Pernetti in his job. Ray Rice said that Pernetti has urged him to continue his studies to get a degree, something he pointed to as the larger body of work that Pernetti’s done for the school. But Rutgers athletic director Tim Pernetti, who's also been under the gun for his initial support of a coach who sprayed epithets and basketballs at his players, has the star running back's full support. Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice has always been proud of his time at Rutgers, so you can imagine that he's been feeling a bit low about the recent controversy surrounding abusive basketball coach Mike Rice . More than 50 Rutgers faculty members have signed a letter calling for his dismissal. In a week where a new NCAA scandal seems to pop out every hour, it's been a pretty ugly time for everyone involved with the school, past and present.

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