• Ryan Tannehill aims to step up leadership

    Summary of 3 articles · Updated Nov 14, 2013
    Obviously we need leadership through this tough time,” Tannehill said. Second-year quarterback Ryan Tannehill is another member of the Dolphins’ leadership council. I'll focus on some of the comments, starting with leadership. But as a cornerback it was difficult for him to provide the sort of leadership Fletcher has during his career. Because in my opinion, the leadership should come from the offensive side of the ball, because the game is such an offensive-based game." It's an interesting point. The only problem with this assertion, as someone who covered Green and respected him and still enjoys talking to him when I see him, is that Fletcher was a stronger leader.
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  • Green questions Redskins' leadership

    ASHBURN, Va. -- The Washington Redskins don't have leadership. That's a conclusion drawn by former Washington Redskins corner Darrell Green. He said London Fletcher is too old to still be that guy; and Green said Robert Griffin III is not the leader on …
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  • Darrell Green questions the state of the Redskins

    The Eagles game on Sunday feels like an unspeakably weighty pivot for the Redskins debate. Win, and there’s lots of looking at the upcoming schedule and talking about possibilities. Lose, and it’s all State of the Franchise stuff again. Darrell Green go…

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