• Schmuck: Wrestling over the assignment to cover Beyonce's Super Bowl news conference

    Summary of 9 articles · Updated Feb 4, 2013
    Three days before the Super Bowl, I got to see Beyonce up close. I know that’s been out there, to say that Beyonce’s halftime show had something to do with it; that is not the case from anything that we have at this point.” Don’t know what Beyonce has planned for hers Thursday, but I do know I’m going to have to wrestle Sun football columnist Mike Preston for the assignment. Beyonce won't be paid a single dime for her singing, shaking and strutting as the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens retreat t...
    • Goodell: Don’t blame Beyonce for power outage

      The power went out at the Superdome at Super Bowl XLVII only a few minutes after Beyonce finished her halftime show, and that has some people asking: Did something about the performance lead to the blackout? NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says absolutel…
    • Did Beyonce flash an Illuminati sign? Why did the Superdome power go out? Your Super Bowl mysteries, solved!

      Sure, we all know who won Super Bowl XLVII. But what you may not know are the answers to some of the questions that cropped up as we watched the Baltimore Ravens defeat the San Francisco 49ers. Fear not, friends, because unlike the Superdome lights, we'…
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    • Force, grace define Beyonce's halftime show

      Performance further dispels doubts about her ability to sing liveIf any questions lingered about Beyonce's ability to sing live - or her ability to make even the most crazed football fans momentarily forget about a game - then she answered them with f
    • All the Super Bowl halftime show facts, figures and history you need before Beyonce takes the stage

      The halftime show of the Super Bowl officially became bigger than the Super Bowl itself last year. Madonna's performance last year had a higher rating than the average rating for the game. So while Beyonce's grandiose press conference this week seemed o…
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    • Beyonce will be performing for free on Sunday, just like every Super Bowl halftime act before her

      Come Sunday, Beyonce will put on a show for over 70,000 people at the Superdome in New Orleans and for over 100 million people watching the Super Bowl at home. It might surprise you, however, to learn the size of the paycheck the singer will be taking h…
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    • Beyonce takes on, then brushes off lip-sync controversy with impromptu media-conference national anthem

      Well, there you have it. Beyonce, who will perform at halftime of this year's Super Bowl, opened her Thursday media conference with an off-the-cuff rendition of the National Anthem. (The waving flag in the background suggests this was not entirely unpla…
    • Beyonce melts sportswriters' hearts at Super Bowl event

      My Super Bowl is over. In fact, you can cancel Christmas, too.

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