• Shelley Sterling planning 'fight' to keep Clippers

    Summary of 35 articles · Updated May 16, 2014
    Banned Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling isn't going away without a fight. However, when Cooper asked Sterling if he was willing to give up ownership of the Clippers, Sterling dismissed the idea in saying he did not believe that the league and its owners wanted that outcome. As for the legal implications of what Sterling said in last night’s interview, according to Michael McCann of Sports Illustrated, Sterling’s comments to Cooper will likely be used as evidence when the owners conduct a hearing...
    Source: CNNSI.com
    • Clippers make about $10.5M off playoff run

      As the NBA worked to oust Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, the team pulled in an estimated $10.5 million from its postseason run, sources tell ESPN.com.
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Clippers owner Sterling informs NBA he won't pay fine

      Donald Sterling's lawyer has written the NBA stating the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers does not intend to pay the $2.5 million fine imposed by the league for racist comments, a person with knowledge of the letter's contents said.
      Source: nba.com
    • Donald Sterling Threatens To Sue NBA

      Yes, we’re all a little tired of it. No, it’s not going away. As expected, it appears Donald Sterling and the NBA will be headed for a lengthy battle in court. This entire situation is going to get a lot more complicated before we reach a resolution. Ac…
    • Reports: Donald Sterling refusing to pay $2.5 million fine, threatening to sue NBA over Clippers ouster

      Three days after the broadcast of an interview in which he claimed to have made a "terrible mistake" by making racist comments in audio recordings published online, Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling is now claiming that he has done no…
    • Report: Donald Sterling Won't Pay Fines, May Sue NBA

      The ousted Donald Sterling will not sit idly as the NBA finds a way to fully remove his association with the Clippers. According to an SI report, Sterling has hired a lawyer, who has already sent a letter to the NBA rejecting their $2.5 million fine .Re…
      Source: deadspin.com
    • Experts say NBA likely to win in Sterling legal fight

      A cadre of attorneys and a flurry of lawsuits could certainly slow down the NBA's plan to force Donald Sterling to sell the Los Angeles Clippers over his recent racist comments, but legal experts say the league would likely prevail in the end.
      Source: nba.com
    • The key steps to take against Sterling

      Sometime after the 2013-14 NBA season ends, NBA owners will vote to end Donald Sterling's ownership of the Clippers. There is no time-table on the timing of this vote, although the league has indicated they want to resolve this as quickly as possible. E…
      Source: CNNSI.com
    • Magic may 'make a run' at Clips, prefers Lakers

      The war of words between disgraced Clippers owner Donald Sterling and NBA legend Magic Johnson has gotten ugly, with Sterling attacking Johnson for being HIV-positive and for supposedly not doing enough to support his fellow members of the African-Ameri…
      Source: CNNSI.com
    • LeBron: Urgency to remove Sterling needed

      LeBron James says the NBA is progressing "good enough for now" to remove banned Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling from his stake in the team, but that there needs to continue to be urgency in the process.
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Magic Johnson: Donald Sterling is 'living in the Stone Ages'

      Magic Johnson reacts to the recent comments made by Clippers owner Donald Sterling, saying he feels sorry for him.
      Source: CNNSI.com
    • Johnson says Clippers owner living in 'stone ages'

      NBA Hall of Famer Magic Johnson says Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has badly outdated views about minorities and is shockingly ignorant about HIV and AIDS for such a prominent public figure.
      Source: nba.com
    • NBA owners meet again to discuss Sterling removal

      NBA owners discussed Donald Sterling's CNN interview and the plans to terminate his ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers on Tuesday in the third meeting of the advisory/finance committee.
      Source: nba.com
    • LeBron to lead boycott in '14-15 if Sterling stays

      LeBron to lead boycott in '14-15 if Sterling stays
      Source: CNNSI.com
    • Magic Johnson responds to Donald Sterling: 'He's a man who's upset and he's reaching' (Video)

      Magic Johnson responded Tuesday to negative remarks made about him in a television interview by Donald Sterling, calling the banned-for-life Los Angeles Clippers owner's apparent anger toward him misplaced and saying he intends to pray for the reportedl…
      Source: yahoo.com
    • Magic: Sterling's angry at the wrong person

      Magic Johnson on Tuesday responded to Donald Sterling's comments slamming the Hall of Famer, telling CNN and TMZ that the whole situation is "sad" and that the banned Los Angeles Clippers owner is directing his anger at the wrong person.
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Donald Sterling Says He’s Not Racist, Attacks Magic Johnson

      On Monday, CNN aired Anderson Cooper‘s interview with Donald Sterling. Without legal counsel or any public relations advisers on set, Sterling simply spoke from his mind. It was bizarre and uncomfortable, and might have made Sterling’s image in the eyes…
    • Sterling wants to avoid lawsuit, may cooperate

      Clippers owner Donald Sterling, who received a lifetime ban from the NBA and all NBA business by commissioner Adam Silver, told CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Monday that he may accept whatever judgment his fellow owners render with regard to forcing his sale…
      Source: CNNSI.com
    • NBA commissioner Silver responds to Sterling's

      NBA Commissioner Adam Silver released the following statement after CNN's Anderson Cooper's interview with Donald Sterling that aired earlier this evening:
      Source: nba.com
    • Rivers on Sterling: Not much of an apology

      Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers doesn't think the apology made by banned team owner Donald Sterling on CNN was much of any apology at all.
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Sterling stirs new dispute with Magic-HIV remarks

      An interview that was supposed to be an attempt at rehabilitation instead had Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling facing fresh rebukes as he went from apologizing for recent racist remarks to slamming Magic Johnson, repeatedly bringing up the ex-…
      Source: nba.com
    • Clips' Sterling: Am I entitled to one mistake?

      Donald Sterling, who was banned for life from the NBA for racist remarks, sits down with Anderson Cooper of CNN.
      Source: CNNSI.com
    • NBA responds to Shelly Sterling's statements

      In response to statements made by Shelly Sterling, wife of Donald Sterling, NBA spokesman Mike Bass stated:
      Source: nba.com
    • Charles Barkley Doesn't Care About CNN's Donald Sterling Interview

      After Ernie Johnson plugged in tomorrow's Anderson Cooper interview with disgraced Clippers owner Donald Sterling on CNN, Charles Barkley let everyone watching the halftime show know that he didn't give a shit about what Sterling had to say, even if it …
      Source: deadspin.com
    • Report: Donald Sterling asks for forgiveness

      Donald Sterling, the disgraced owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, asked for forgiveness in his first sitdown interview since audio recordings of him making racist comments surfaced nearly a month ago.
      Source: ESPN.com
  • Digs deeper hole: What is Donald Sterling doing? His repulsive inte…

    What is Donald Sterling doing? His repulsive interview with CNN dug an insurmountable hole.
    Source: CNNSI.com

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