• Should Carmelo Anthony have had a chance for a 4-point play late in Knicks’ loss to Rockets? (Video)

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Nov 15, 2013
    Some believe it’s safer to avoid the foul because you open yourself up to a 4-point play and the loss. This time, the Rockets were going to foul ... Knicks star Carmelo Anthony, who'd already scored an NBA 2013-14 season-high 43 points, broke to the sideline and received the inbounds pass from guard Iman Shumpert, but couldn't quite get the handle on it on first touch. And twice, the Rockets got burned once on a Rudy Gay triple that pushed an overtime game to double OT and once on a long-range bomb by Jam...
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    • Carmelo Anthony Not Given A Chance At A 4-Point Play

      Down 107-104, with five seconds remaining in last night’s Knicks-Rockets opener during TNT’s Thursday night doubleheader, Carmelo Anthony was fouled early by James Harden to prevent any chance for the Knicks to tie. Except, ‘Melo was fouled in what appe…
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