• Sixers don't seem inclined to go for instant gratification

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Jul 18, 2013
    Gone was the one solid piece the Sixers could build their future with . Noel could be the Sixers' most important draft-day acquisition since they selected Allen Iverson No. 1 overall in 1996, but he has yet to be formally introduced by the Sixers. Still, this is merely the latest indication that the new Sixers' management does not yet have a solid grasp on the important role that publicity and the dissemination of information - just throw some bones, not any master trade secrets - can play in trying to restore the relevancy of this franchise. The talk just after the draft with many of the NBA executives I spoke with was that he might not play this year at all, the thought being that Noel not only would have more than a year to have his right knee heal, but also could start building his body into one that can take the everyday pounding the NBA provides.
    Source: philly.com
    • Sixers missed big opportunity to grab the headlines

      Sixers could have made a huge splash by introducing Nerlens Noel now, with nothing else going on in the Philly sports world.
      Source: philly.com

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