• Smith: Doubting Ravens' leadership 'a joke'

    Summary of 6 articles · Updated Sep 26, 2013
    "We have great leadership, so to say because of one incident, that it's a leadership issue, to me, is a joke because everyone is not going to always be around and incidents happen," Smith told The Baltimore Sun on Tuesday. For the second time this month, former linebacker Ray Lewis said the Baltimore Ravens lack leadership. What did I say that was so bad?" Well, the Ravens didn't take too kindly to Lewis' comments Monday that the Ravens are "missing leadership right now" because they are without him or Ed Reed in the locker room. Lewis never specified just how his presence on the roster would have stopped a bottle from making contact with Jones’ head, which is probably a good thing since he might have hurt a muscle while straining to try to elaborate on a comment that revealed more about Lewis’ estimation of himself than it does about the state of leadership on the Ravens. Lewis' latest comments came after wide receiver Jacoby Jones was involved in a brawl on a party bus early Monday morning and was hurt when he was hit over the head by a stripper wielding a champagne bottle.
    Source: ESPN.com
  • Trevor Pryce calls Ray Lewis' leadership comments 'a little self-serving'

    Retired Ravens defensive end says Jacoby Jones' incident doesn't mean Ravens have a leadership problemFormer Ravens defensive end Trevor Pryce weighed in on retired linebacker Ray Lewis' criticism of the defending Super Bowl champions' leadership, telli…
  • Wake-up caw: Lewis responds to Ravens

    Here is what's happening on the Baltimore Ravens beat in your Thursday edition of the Wake-up caw ... Ray Lewis said Monday that the Ravens have a leadership void. His former teammates took exception to that on Wednesday (quarterback Joe Flacco said, &q…
    Source: ESPN.com
    • Joe Flacco: Ray Lewis knows better than that

      While talking about the party bus incident that ended with a fight after a stripper named Sweet Pea hit Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones with a bottle, former Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis said that his old team was suffering from a leadership void cause…
    • There's no leadership void on Ravens

      For the second time this month, former linebacker Ray Lewis said the Baltimore Ravens lack leadership. And I'll say, for the second time in two months, that I just don't see this void. This is a Ravens team that has come back to win two straight after g…
      Source: ESPN.com
  • Hoyer: Leadership is being yourself

    Brian Hoyer says the key to good leadership is to be yourself, and that’s how the quarterback is approaching his second start with the Browns.

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