• Source: Burnett planning to pitch this season

    Summary of 9 articles · Updated Jan 29, 2014
    Burnett is planning to pitch in 2014, a source close to the free-agent pitcher confirmed to ESPN.com Tuesday. It is Burnett’s right to move on. Pittsburgh, where Burnett played last year, is another obvious candidate, although the Pirates said earlier this season they were proceeding as if Burnett was not going to pitch in 2014. If there really is no such thing as a bad one-year contract, Burnett might just be an excellent one. It's uncertain whether Burnett still has his sights on Pittsburgh or is willin...
    • A.J. Burnett: How much is he worth?

      From the Pirates’ perspective, reports that A.J. Burnett plans to pitch this year does not change much. He still might or might not rejoin the team — the same situation that existed in November.
    • Phillies could have interest in veteran Burnett

      A.J. Burnett has reportedly decided to pitch again in 2014, and the Phillies could be a fit for the veteran right-hander, who has some links with the club.
      Source: MLB.com
    • Hot Stove roundup: Burnett hitting open market?

      The Hot Stove's waiting game continued on Tuesday, as very little news came from the remaining big names on the free-agent market.
      Source: MLB.com

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