• Pistons fire coach Cheeks after just 50 games

    Summary of 11 articles · Updated Feb 10, 2014
    The Detroit Pistons have fired Maurice Cheeks just 50 games into his tenure as the team's head coach, a source confirmed to ESPN. The Detroit Pistons fired head coach Maurice Cheeks on Sunday, just 50 games into the two-year deal he signed to lead the Pistons this past summer, and in the latest installment of the ongoing series "NBA Players: They're Just Like Us," it seems that at least a few of Cheeks' now-former players found out about Mo Obama/The Principal/Reverend Obama getting the axe via Twitter. D...
    • Pistons try to focus after abrupt coaching change

      Chauncey Billups is nearing the end of a distinguished career and he has seen enough to realize that change can come at any time in the NBA.
      Source: nba.com
    • Pistons Fire Coach Mo Cheeks; Nobody Bothers To Tell The Players

      Yesterday, Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski broke the news that the Detroit Pistons had fired head coach Mo Cheeks. But Woj didn't just break the news to the NBA fans of the world, he also broke it to at least two Pistons players.Read more...
      Source: deadspin.com
  • Dollinger: Dumars the Pistons' real problem

    On Monday's SI Now, NBA producer Matt Dollinger discusses the firing of coach Maurice Cheeks by the Detroit Pistons and says that GM Joe Dumars was the one who assembled a roster that doesn't make sense and should be the one getting dismissed.
    Source: CNNSI.com

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