• Source: NFL, NFLPA to talk to Congress on HGH

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Nov 27, 2012
    In August 2011, the NFL and NFLPA agreed that HGH testing would commence that season.  The NFLPA believes the science behind current HGH testing is not up to snuff. On Monday night, Adam Schefter reported that the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform will convene a hearing next week to examine the science behind HGH testing and the health concerns surrounding the use of HGH. The willingness of Congress to finally force the issue could, as we explained last year, include multiple interviews and depositions, all conducted behind closed doors.  Curiously, the oft-litigious NFL has not utilized any of the various legal avenues available to force the NFLPA to honor its commitment. Now, it won’t matter.  The two have expressed concern that an HGH-testing regime, which is part of the collective bargaining agreement agreed to in 2011, has not yet been implemented.

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