• Sources: Broncos seek $1.25M from Miller

    Summary of 4 articles · Updated Sep 8, 2013
    It’s all going to be at work with Von Miller and the Broncos in the coming weeks. But Miller's defense team is convinced the return of bonus money is not included in the settlement it reached with the NFL, sources said. Since Miller’s suspension was the result of a negotiated settlement between the league and the NFLPA, the union apparently plans to argue that the settlement gives Miller the ability to keep his signing bonus money. And as hard as most teams try to keep the two sides from meeting in the lo...
    Source: ESPN.com
    • Fight looming over Von Miller’s signing bonus

      With Broncos linebacker Von Miller suspended six games, the CBA requires the Broncos to seek reimbursement of 6/17th of his 2013 signing bonus allocation. As we explained last month, it’s automatic. Under Miller’s contract, it means he’ll lost $1.2 mill…
    • Report says Denver Broncos will try to take back $1.25 million of Von Miller’s signing bonus

      ESPN's report that the Denver Broncos will attempt to recoup $1.25 million of linebacker Von Miller's signing bonus is more interesting for the battle about to be waged than the money itself. Teams often try to recoup signing bonus money from players wh…
      Source: yahoo.com
  • Road could get bumpy for Miller, Broncos

    ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- The Broncos' executive vice president of all things football, John Elway, has often talked about the two sides of life in the NFL. There’s the football part: The week-in, week-out work of on-field strategy, the games to go with the a…
    Source: ESPN.com

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