• Spotlight on Philadelphia Eagles QB Nick Foles

    Summary of 12 articles · Updated Jan 3, 2014
    PHILADELPHIA – Eagles quarterback Nick Foles has pointed this out before: Texas is a big state. "It's going to be a big game," Foles said. Foles can say it, but he now must live it. Nick Foles edged out Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo . Even after Nick Foles threw 27 touchdowns and two interceptions this season, even after he compiled the highest passer rating in the NFL, even after he led the Eagles to their first division title in three years to set up Saturday's wild-card-round matchup against the New Orleans Saints, there remains an air of mystery about him. This is understandable. The Eagles had a 17-10 lead and possession of the ball to start the third quarter. "I've been really impressed with what he's accomplished so far in the NFL," said Brees, who noted that though Westlake has produced a handful of NFL players over the years, and takes pride in a successful program, it isn't a huge football factory.
    • Foles in the cold: Big test Saturday

      Nick Foles wore a winter cap as he prepared to exit Lambeau Field after the Eagles' Nov. 10 win over the Green Bay Packers. He noted the challenges of throwing the ball in cold weather and through wind, fully understanding that those conditions are a re…
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    • All-NFC East: Philadelphia Eagles

      PHILADELPHIA -- Fittingly for the team that won the NFC East title, the Eagles were well represented on ESPN.com’s all-division team. Of the 26 spots, 11 went to Eagles -- including more than half the All-NFC East offense. Nick Foles edged out Dallas Co…
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    • Eagles Notebook: Saints' Brees on his homeboy Foles

      Drew Brees has been aware of the QB who broke his high school records, and holds Nick Foles in high regard.
      Source: philly.com
    • Foles and Brees: Big state, small world

      PHILADELPHIA – Eagles quarterback Nick Foles has pointed this out before: Texas is a big state. He pointed it out when the Eagles played Washington and Foles was asked if he knew Robert Griffin III in high school. He pointed it out when asked why so man…
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    • Having played for the same high school 10 years apart, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles has grown up admiring Drew Bre

      New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles both attended the same high school in Texas.
      Source: nola.com
  • Film theory: Saints could copy Dallas

    PHILADELPHIA -- Rob Ryan's old team gave Eagles quarterback Nick Foles trouble in his two games against them. Sunday night, the Dallas Cowboys sacked Foles five times, forced an intentional grounding penalty and generally shut down the Eagles' passing g…
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