• Spurs' Popovich wants to continue coaching

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    I'd like to continue to coach," Popovich said as the Spurs prepared for Game 5 of the NBA Finals against the Miami Heat, where they hold a 3-1 series lead. "Sure," Popovich said. "I've said many times, a day didn't go by where I didn't think about Game 6," Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said of the turning point in last year's finals. The Spurs had a 'Big 3' then, the same one that they have now. To start, Phil Jackson gave a nod to Gregg Popovich and the Spurs for rebounding from last year’s Finals loss. Yet, when the Spurs captured their fifth NBA championship against the Miami Heat on Sunday night, it was notable to see Popovich and Duncan displaying a great deal of emotion once the accomplishment was complete. Those stubborn Spurs, despite all their recent let's-wait-and-see proclamations, have been quietly expecting all along for Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Gregg Popovich to stick around next season and return in their current capacities alongside Tony Parker and Kawhi Leonard. The Spurs team proved far superior than the lone brilliance of James, defeating the Heat four games to one with Sunday night’s 104-87 victory in Game 5 to claim the NBA Finals that slipped out of their fingers last year.
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    • Gregg Popovich Counts Titles During Parade; Possibly Trolling LeBron

      During San Antonio’s River Walk parade today to celebrate their 2014 NBA Finals win, Gregg Popovich appeared to be having the time of his life. At one point he even jokingly counted out how many titles the Spurs have won under his tenure, possibly parod…
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    • Gregg Popovich pokes fun at LeBron and Heat during Spurs' victory parade

      This will certainly fuel the motivation during those offseason workouts. During his team's victory parade on Wednesday, Spurs coach Gregg Popovich had some fun with LeBron James' famous "not one, not two, not three" championship line from the …
    • Spurs 2014 Finals Win Most Dominant In NBA History

      After the first two games in San Antonio saw CrampGate and Miami’s lone win in Game 2, the 2014 NBA Finals turned into a rout. The Spurs offense became unstoppable in a history-making Game 3, and aside from the first six minutes in the first quarter of …
    • Better the second time? NBA Finals ratings up

      The San Antonio Spurs' redemption title was a big hit with television viewers.
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    • Spurs' title-clinching win a hit with viewers, social media

      The San Antonio Spurs' redemption title was a big hit with television viewers.
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    • It comes down to what dollars make sense for LeBron James and Heat after NBA finals loss to Tim Duncan’s Spurs 

      After suffering a humiliating Finals defeat that knocked him off the NBA throne, LeBron James would do well to remember where the Miami Heat's two-year reign ended.
    • Spurs' best team yet dethrones Heat in 2014 NBA Finals

      SAN ANTONIO -- Comparing championships is like comparing children, the saying goes, but perhaps this is the right time to make an exception. You see, the Spurs called their fifth title the sweetest, and it might have been their best, too.
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    • Gregg Popovich's locker-room speech to his NBA champion Spurs: 'I've never been more proud of a team' (Video)

      After his San Antonio Spurs finished off a 104-87 win to complete a dominant five-game victory in the 2014 NBA Finals, head coach Gregg Popovich was clearly overcome by some strong emotions on the San Antonio sideline. We've seen him do seething; we've …
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    • Tim Duncan and Gregg Popovich show rare emotion as Spurs capture fifth NBA title (Video)

      For the better part of two decades, the San Antonio Spurs have succeeded with a particular kind of focus and effort. No matter the style of basketball, the Spurs have approached winning games as a craft, assessing various paths to victory and solving pr…
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    • Spurs Win 2014 NBA Finals; Kawhi Leonard Wins MVP

      The better team won. Going into the 2014 NBA Finals, many conceded the Spurs — with their league-leading bench — were the better team, but the Heat had the best player in LeBron James. The Spurs team proved far superior than the lone brilliance of James…
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    • Revisiting the day that Gregg Popovich became San Antonio Spurs head coach, with the man he had to push aside

      It remains one of the crueler roster moves of its era, an era that just barely preceded the Tim Duncan era, still going at full strength. On the afternoon of the return of a healthy David Robinson to the San Antonio Spurs lineup on Dec. 10, 1996, Spurs …
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  • Monson: Jazz can learn one important lesson from the Spurs

    The way the Spurs won the NBA title was good news for the Jazz and a pleasure for everybody else, anybody who … 1) lives outside the 305 area code or 2) loves basketball — for basically the same reason. The game, all of a sudden, became a team sport aga…
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    • Spurs prove once again you don't have to have best players to win title

      The selfless Spurs proved once again in the 2014 Finals that you don't need the best to be the best.
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    • The NBA Reacts On Twitter To Spurs Title Win

      After the Spurs clinched the title last night, folks from around the NBA reacted to their victory on Twitter. Here’s a roundup of our favorite tweets from last night. To start, Phil Jackson gave a nod to Gregg Popovich and the Spurs for rebounding from …
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    • San Antonio Spurs pull off another rout in Game 5 to defeat Miami Heat for 2014 NBA title

      Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker, the winningest trio in NBA postseason history, shared hugs.
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    • Can the Spurs repeat their title next year?

      SI's Chris Mannix and Ben Golliver discuss the San Antonio Spurs winning the championship, what the future holds for Tim Duncan and Boris Diaw, and if this team will be back here next season.
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    • NBA Finals: Plenty of questions surround LeBron James and Heat with loss to Spurs

      The season ended Sunday night for LeBron James, three wins short of a three-peat — and it didn’t even seem that the best player on the planet came that close.
    • Taking the fifth: Spurs rip Heat for title No. 5

      The San Antonio Spurs won their fifth NBA championship, beating the Miami Heat 104-87 on Sunday night to win the series in five games.
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    • San Antonio downs the Miami Heat in Game 5, wins the 2013-14 NBA championship

      The San Antonio Spurs should have been able to see it coming a mile away. The Miami Heat had three days to grit their teeth and prepare to keep its championship dreams alive after a Game 4 loss, with Chris Bosh more or less predicting a win, LeBron Jame…
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    • Spurs close out Heat to win NBA championship

      Tim Duncan claimed his fifth NBA title with the Spurs as San Antonio dominated Game 5, 104-87, to rob the Heat of a three-peat and win the championship.
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    • LIVE: Spurs look to close out Heat for NBA championship

      The Heat got off to a fast start in Game 5, but the Spurs are responding as they look to win the title at home tonight.
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    • Bosh: 'We're going to win' Game 5 vs. Spurs

      San Antonio is one win away from its fifth NBA championship, but Chris Bosh said the Spurs won't be celebrating the clinching win in Game 5 Sunday night.
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    • Spurs-Heat 2014 NBA Finals Game 5: Three things to watch

      Three wins in a row, downing the same squad over and over and over again. That’s hard against any team, and yet that’s what the San Antonio Spurs are attempting to deliver on Sunday night. The Western champs are trying to win their fifth title in 15 yea…
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    • No reason to believe Heat will break out in Game 5

      With the Spurs cruising and the Heat struggling, Game 5 should follow that pattern in San Antonio.
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    • 2014 NBA Finals: San Antonio Spurs going extra mile (almost) to beat Miami Heat

      The Spurs are testing the Heat's willpower, preying on the Heat's physical and mental fatigue, J.A. Adande writes.
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    • Role players Leonard, Diaw have Spurs rolling

      Tony Parker is still thankful for the role players who helped carry San Antonio to its last NBA title in 2007.
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  • Spurs' Parker: Everybody's gonna be back

    Five-time NBA champion Tim Duncan eventually will retire, of course, but San Antonio Spurs teammate Tony Parker doesn't expect it to happen just yet.
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  • Spurs could stick around, even if Duncan doesn't

    Tim Duncan conducted his postgame interview flanked by his two children. Someday soon he may decide that they, and not Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili, will be his full-time running mates.
    Source: nba.com
  • The San Antonio Spurs? Gone till November. Sadly.

    San Antonio was, rightfully, all smiles as it celebrated its well-earned 2013-14 NBA championship on Sunday evening. These aren’t levels that should be really be judged, but it was hard to recall a giddier Finals champion than these Spurs, even counting…
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  • Stein: How Spurs are preparing for the future

    The Spurs are preparing for life with or without Gregg Popovich and Tim Duncan, Marc Stein writes.
    Source: ESPN.com
  • Here's What A Heat Assistant Coach Said To Gregg Popovich

    You might have noticed ABC's audio cut out during the handshake line following last night's NBA Finals game, just as Heat assistant coach Ron Rothstein approached Gregg Popovich. The reason? Rothstein said something to Popovich that included "fuck …
    Source: deadspin.com

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