• Steelers Gab 2013 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Texas A&M DE/OLB Damontre Moore

    Summary of 11 articles · Updated Feb 20, 2013
    It was how he changed his game, he went from a pass rush OLB to a DE who was the complete package. All year long teams struggled to figure out how to block Moore. Moore is the best pass rusher in this class, in fact you know what I’ll take that one step further he’s the best defender in this draft class. +Explodes out of stance and across the line of scrimmage, is able to catch the OT often before he is set +Coils in his stance prior to the snap +Shows a lot of balance in his rush, is able to rush with speed and power without getting out of control +Generates a lot of power out of his leg drive +Stays low out of his stance and gains leverage on contact +First step is among the quickest I’ve seen all year +Well-built athlete with long arms and filled out frame +Closes on the QB like a freight train, like a bull seeing red he finds another gear and erases the distance -Not a freak physical athlete like a Dion Jordan -Top end speed is only just above average -Straight line pass rusher who looks stiff in the hips

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