• Steelers have shown they can beat the best and lose to the worst of the NFL

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Dec 11, 2012
    The Steelers have shown they can beat the best teams on their schedule and lose to the worst with all kinds of personnel combinations. That should make the regular season finale against the Browns interesting, but the Steelers have shown a clear trend toward playing to the level of competition. And now some good news for the Steelers: Their next two opponents have winning records, and if the Steelers do squeeze into the playoffs, they won't have to worry about playing those pesky teams with losing records...
    • Steelers tendency to play to competition might help now

      The bad news for the Steelers is that they’re near the point of needing to win out to make the postseason. The good news is that their next two games are against teams with winning records, which seems to get their attention. Their next two are against

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