• Steelers season prediction: 9-7

    Summary of 7 articles · Updated Aug 28, 2013
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    • Lions season prediction: 9-7

      Two years ago, the Detroit Lions won half of their 10 games by one score. In 2012, they lost nine such games. So we are left to decide: Were the Lions lucky in 2011? Or unlucky in 2012? I think the answer lies somewhere in between, and that's why I'm gu…
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    • Buccaneers season prediction: 9-7

      When it comes to predictions, I think a lot of people are selling the Tampa Bay Buccaneers short. I’ve looked at their schedule and I’ve looked at their roster multiple times. These aren’t the Buccaneers of the Raheem Morris era or even the later stages…
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    • Rams season prediction: 9-7

      For the first time since 2003, the Rams look poised to finish the season with a winning record. Despite the improvement, they’ll come up just short of the playoffs in perhaps the league’s most difficult division. Led by a defense that should take the ne…
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    • Panthers season prediction: 9-7

      Center Ryan Kalil didn't take out a full-page ad in the local newspaper predicting a Super Bowl victory as he did last season, and I'm not going there, either. Despite four wins to close out 2012, too many uncertainties remain to call this a playoff tea…
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    • Bears season prediction: 9-7

      The initial prediction when the schedule came out was 8-8. Although this team is so much better than that in terms of talent, the direction it’s taking under new head coach Marc Trestman, not to mention all the work done by general manager Phil Emery, u…
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Saints season prediction: 9-7

      Sean Payton is back, and that means the New Orleans Saints will be back in the playoffs. The coach was suspended last season and his absence, along with the myriad distractions of the bounty scandal, took a huge toll on the Saints. They finished 7-9 and…
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