• Tannenbaum looks back with regret on Sanchez’s contract, turnovers

    Summary of 4 articles · Updated Feb 15, 2013
    If 26 turnovers in 2012 make Tannenbaum regret signing Sanchez to an extension, then 26 turnovers in 2011 probably should have made Tannenbaum think twice about signing Sanchez to an extension a year ago. Mike Tannenbaum has a regret from his reign as Jets GM, and it’s a big one. Tannenbaum said on NFL Network’s NFL AM that if he had known what kind of 2012 season Sanchez would have, he wouldn’t have pulled the trigger on the extension. Despite Sanchez’s shortcomings last season, Tannenbaum who was fired the day after the Jets finished their 6-10 season said he believes that the QB he once traded up for can still be effective. In any event, Tannenbaum also defended a lot of the moves he made, and he mentioned multiple times on NFL AM that he was the general manager who made the decision to draft All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis. After courting Peyton Manning and coming up short the Jets tried to make it up to Sanchez by giving him a three-year extension in March with $20.5 million in guaranteed money in 2012 and 2013. You can’t rule out the Patriots bringing him around, because of Josh McDaniels’ presence and Bill Belichick’s tendency to take otherwise unwanted guys to prove he can make use of them.
    • Hey Tanny, It’s the Guarantees, Stupid

      While the Jets enter their third “hold the fort” season from a free agency standpoint, Mike Tannenbaum is doing his best to find himself a media job, and yesterday his Tour de Incompétence continued on NFL AM.  Per Kristian Dyer in Metro. Most of
    • Tannenbaum thinks Tebow will succeed “or die trying”

      The failed Tim Tebow deal isn’t the only reason Mike Tannenbaum is a former general manager now, but the old Jets boss is still defending the Jets backup quarterback, saying he still thinks he can succeed. During the appearance on the NFL Network in whi

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