• Team Gleason, Chase unveil world's second ALS residence hall in Mid-City

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    Margaret's Skilled Nursing Residence in Mid-City. Margaret's Skilled Nursing Residence, which is on the former site of Mercy Hospital in Mid-City. The Team Gleason House will be the second facility of its kind in the country. Gleason's impact on Backon will soon directly impact the lives of 18 people living with incurable neuromuscular disorders such as ALS and multiple sclerosis. Since being diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, two years ago, he's impacted exponentially more lives. One of them was Lois Backon. "He knew he would lose his ability to speak and he knew he would lose his ability to eat on his own, and he was telling his audience that the power of technology could help solve the insurmountable challenges. ...
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    • What ALS takes away, Steve Gleason and technology can cure

      Former Saints standout, Chase unveil plans for world's second ALS residence hall in New Orleans
      Source: nola.com

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