• Teammates tried to strip Vick of football he carried around Eagles facility this week

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    • Source: Vick, Mornhinweg are safe

      ANDY REID'S bye week review of the Eagles got off to a splashy start when Reid fired defensive coordinator Juan Castillo Tuesday, but apparently there won't be any more NovaCare bombshells.
      Source: philly.com
    • Vick, Mornhinweg keeping jobs, for now

      Eagles coach Andy Reid’s first move aimed at improving his team involved firing defensive coordinator Juan Castillo.  Reid apparently plans no similarly drastic moves on offense. Yet. According to Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Reuben Fr
    • Report: Eagles will stick with Vick

      Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid said Monday that he would spend the bye week evaluating every aspect of the team in an effort to find improvements. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Reid will not be making a change at starting quarterback befo…
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Vick still gives Eagles best chance to win

      We've all seen this. You're driving on the highway and there's a car crawling in reverse on the shoulder just past the ramp because the driver realized too late that he was supposed to use that exit. So instead of just continuing to the next exit and fi…
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Terry Bradshaw: Eagles likely to bench Vick

      Terry Bradshaw, no stranger to being benched during his long career as an NFL quarterback, believes the Eagles' next big move could be benching Michael Vick.
      Source: philly.com
    • Antrel Rolle: RG3 a “different” QB than Vick

      There was once a time when being compared to Michael Vick would have been a good thing for Robert Griffin III. But that time is not this year, which has opponents on notice. Giants safety Antrel Rolle emphasized that the Redskins rookie was a “different
    • Vick gets less than a ringing endorsement from Eagles coach

      If Andy Reid had hoped to light a fire under Michael Vick, he probably did so when he gave the Eagles quarterback a nearly identical endorsement to the one he gave Juan Castillo one day before he fired the defensive coordinator.
      Source: philly.com
    • Rich Hofmann: Castillo's firing should not be precursor to Vick's

      THE SCAPEGOAT chorus has it wrong. When Eagles coach Andy Reid fired his defensive coordinator, Juan Castillo, it was not to deflect either attention or blame from himself. Reid knew that the effect would be the exact opposite. He knew that the bull's-e…
      Source: philly.com
    • Reid's next move could be benching Vick

      When the man in charge says he's going to tear everything up and the first thing he does is fire the defensive coordinator even though the offense is actually the problem... well, you know things aren't done happening just yet. Philadelphia Eagles coach…
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Next up on the Andy Reid chopping block? Mike Vick

      On Monday, Eagles coach Andy Reid offered tepid support for quarterback Mike Vick and defensive coordinator Juan Castillo.  On Tuesday, Reid fired Castillo. Undoubtedly, Mike Vick is next. Though it may not (but still could be) a bye-week benching, Reid…
    • Eagles' Reid 'to take a hard look at everything'

      ANDY REID figures the bye week is a time for him to work, not the players. You don't take the car out to the track until you are through tinkering under the hood, and from what the Eagles' coach said Monday, he plans to make a mess in the NovaCare offic…
      Source: philly.com
    • Reid backs DC, says Eagles will 'get it right'

      Coach Andy Reid said his Philadelphia Eagles would evaluate everything during their bye this week after blowing a 10-point lead in the final five minutes against the Lions on Sunday before losing in overtime to fall to 3-3.
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Vick’s future remains unclear

      From the moment the details first emerged regarding the supposed six-year, $100 million contract signed last year by Eagles quarterback Mike Vick, we explained that it’s a two-year deal with a year-to-year team option on the rest of the contract. More r
    • Michael Vick fires two interceptions in Eagles' loss

      Michael Vick implied during the week that he was determined to fix his fumbling problem the same way he fixed his interception problem earlier this season.
      Source: philly.com
    • Eagles could move on from turnover-prone Michael Vick following Super Bowl XLVII

      The Philadelphia Eagles lost to the Detroit Lions on Sunday, blowing a 10-point lead in the final five minutes of the fourth quarter to lose 26-23. It was the Eagles' third loss in four games, dropping them to 3-3 on the season. Contributing to the loss…
      Source: yahoo.com
    • Bob Ford: Does Eagles' Michael Vick really have a fumbling problem?

      Brett Favre fumbled 166 times in a professional career during which he set numerous records, but none that might stand as long as that one.
      Source: philly.com
    • Fumble-prone Vick carried a football everywhere

      Michael Vick walked down a corridor at the Eagles' training facility after Wednesday's practice clutching a ball. He carried the ball earlier in the day and later in the day. He took it to breakfast, to team meetings, and to lunch.
      Source: philly.com
    • New angles on the Vick fumble problem

      Okay, so, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick spent the week carrying a football around the team's training facility to help drill himself on the importance of not dropping it during games anymore. It's a trick that's been successfully employed…
      Source: ESPN.com

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Eagles could move on from turnover-prone Michael Vick following…
Teammates tried to strip Vick of football he carried around Eag…
Vick, Mornhinweg keeping jobs, for now
Vick still gives Eagles best chance to win
Antrel Rolle: RG3 a “different” QB than Vick
Reid's next move could be benching Vick
Next up on the Andy Reid chopping block?  Mike Vick
Andy Reid offers tepid support for Vick, Castillo
Reid backs DC, says Eagles will 'get it right'
Vick’s future remains unclear
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