• Tebow a non-factor -- again

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    And, that was that for Tebow for the game. But Tebow has been little more than a bit player. “I mean some of the guys are different,” Tebow said. In the first two games, Tebow was an afterthought. It wasn’t long before everyone in the stadium, including Tebow’s old Florida Gator teammates who were being honored that day, got the supernatural feeling that he was going to do what he does best - win. But one of the most frustrating realities for conscientious Christians is that each party has planks in the platform that mesh with the teachings of Jesus and that defy them. 
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    • Tim Tebow time unlikely for now as NY Jets are in no rush to play their backup QB

      Tim Tebow’s supporting role as a Wildcat quarterback/decoy isn’t confusing opponents, but it sure is confusing the Jets. Poof. The Jets have made Tebow disappear.
    • No rush to find Tebow time

      Tim Tebow’s supporting role as a Wildcat quarterback/decoy isn’t confusing opponents, but it sure is confusing the Jets. Poof.The Jets have made Tebow disappear.
    • Tebow in paradise: FLORHAM PARK, N.J. - Tim Tebow may have opted to …

      FLORHAM PARK, N.J. - Tim Tebow may have opted to come to New York but, in a lot of ways, his heart is still in Florida, where the Jets are headed for Sunday's game against the Miami Dolphins. “Well, it’s Florida, so it’s fun,” Tebow said. “Pla
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    • Ryan Stays Quiet If the Jets Will Play Tebow More

      Rex Ryan continued to couch Tim Tebow‘s role in the offense today by saying that perhaps his playing time will grow or decrease. What followed was another assertion that Tebow’s playing time is entirely in Ryan and offensive coordinator Tony Sparano”
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    • Rex Ryan says media won’t drive Tim Tebow’s playing time

      Tim Tebow hasn’t decided if he wants to run for office, but Jets coach Rex Ryan said Wednesday that the team won’t be swayed by campaigning on Tebow’s behalf for more playing time from the media. Ryan, who has fielded a lot of questions this week ab
    • Rex: Media won't dictate Tebow time

      FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Another day, another round of questions about Tim Tebow's lack of involvement in the Jets' offense. This time, Rex Ryan didn't get annoyed with the questions, but he made it clear he's not going to bow to media pressure to play Teb…
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    • Tim Tebow ‘hasn’t ruled out’ a future in politics

      No matter what you think of New York Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow, there's no doubt that his "Q" rating is as high as that of anyone in the NFL, and his reach with the American public has to do with a lot more than football. When a guy wi…
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    • Tebow hasn’t ruled out a run for office

      With a sky-high level of popularity, the sky’s the limit for Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow. And lurking among the clouds could be political office. “I haven’t ruled it out,” Tebow tells Rich Cimini of ESPNNewYork.com.  “Whatever avenue I fe
    • Tim Tebow's future ... in politics?

      He listens to Frank Sinatra. He honors cancer-stricken kids every time he suits up for practice. He waits patiently for his lifelong dream to be built in the Philippines. He battles dyslexia -- and wins. He looks into the future and sees ... Senator Teb…
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    • Tim Tebow can do some damage on offense, and NY Jets' Tony Sparano should know that best

      No one had a better first look at Tim Tebow, good and bad, than Tony Sparano did last year. Tebow was making his initial start for the Broncos against Sparano’s Dolphins in Miami and the game plan was taking its toll.
    • ENOUGH! Rex loses cool over Tebow questions

      For Rex Ryan, Tebowmania is quickly becoming Timsanity.The boisterous Jet coach, who loves talking about his team and had no problem boasting about his new offensive weapon in the offseason, became agitated Monday when grilled about the Wildcat offense …
    • Jets Insider: Tebow gets more boos than snaps

      Tim Tebow heard the boos for a second consecutive week, this time from the opposing crowd. Tebow did not take a snap in the Wildcat until the 8:31 mark of the third quarter, but he seized the chance, scampering for 22 yards.

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