• The 5 Ways LeBron James Becomes The Best Ever

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Sep 28, 2012
    It always comes back to Michael Jordan when you discuss LeBron James. Chapter three is beginning for LeBron. “I’m not satisfied with my career and what I’ve done so far,” James said. Once LeBron got out of his house and out of his post-Finals funk in the summer of 2011, once he opened the shades and realized he was still the best player on the planet, he led Miami accordingly. In vain, you tried to please your way out of that casting, from an apology ad asking what you should do, to talking about Cleveland like you would somehow consider playing there again. Stop. Own the reality.
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  • LeBron's mission statement

    We'll be getting to plenty of tidbits from Friday's media opportunity with the Heat, but I wanted to throw up this initial quote from LeBron. He might have had a long summer, but he seems more than ready to get to work defending his title: “I’m not sa

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