• The NFL Can Force These Eight Teams To Appear On Hard Knocks

    Summary of 8 articles · Updated Jan 22, 2014
    The NFL can force these teams to appear on Hard Knocks in 2014: With those criteria, there are eight teams the NFL could force into doing "Hard Knocks." “To me, it’s all about football,” Emery said when asked about “Hard Knocks” back in 2012. “Personally, no. The most intriguing possible team at this point is the Vikings, whose new head coach has very recent experience with Hard Knocks; Mike Zimmer served as defensive coordinator of the 2013 Bengals. The best-case scenario for Tomlin and the Steelers is t...
    • NFL can’t force the Dallas Cowboys to appear on Hard Knocks TV show

      The Dallas Cowboys have some experience with reality TV shows. They were the focus of HBO’s Hard Knocks in 2002 and again in 2008. While the NFL owners passed a rule in October forcing teams to do the show if asked, the Cowboys are exempt because they h…
    • 'Hard Knocks' possibility real for Bears

      Chicago Bears general manager Phil Emery has expressed repeatedly a desire for HBO’s cameras to skip his team when making a decision on what club to feature on the reality series “Hard Knocks,” but he may not have a choice in the matter. Deadspin.com re…
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Jaguars one of eight teams NFL could force to do HBO's "Hard Knocks"

      The NFL ensured that the popular HBO show "Hard Knocks" will continue to thrive by creating a rule last year that could force teams to participate. The league has always looked for volunteers, and will continue to do so, but felt the need to i…
    • Giants could end up on 'Hard Knocks'

      So Deadspin figured out (actually, one of their readers figured out) that the New York Giants are one of eight teams the NFL could force to appear this year on HBO's "Hard Knocks," the annual miniseries that takes viewers behind the scenes at …
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Steelers Reported To Be A Finalist For HBO’s “Hard Knocks”

      Steelers fans that want a shot to see the team up close and personal in training camp that can’t get to Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, may get their wish another way. There’s a story today that the Steelers are one of eight teams that are eligible fo…
    • Steelers on short list for 'Hard Knocks'

      Mike Tomlin's worst nightmare could accompany the Steelers to the serene setting of St. Vincent College in late July. The Steelers are one of just eight teams that are, ahem, eligible for HBO's “Hard Knocks” this year, and imagine the ratings bonanza th…
      Source: ESPN.com

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