• Tim Tebow Had A Higher Quarterback Rating Than Mark Sanchez Against The Titans

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    Tim Tebow was 0/1 for 0 yards and 0 TDs and had a higher passer rating than Mark Sanchez. But what we do know is Sanchez and Tebow are not the answer for the Jets. Not only did McElroy jump former starter Mark Sanchez , but the second-year quarterback jumped No. 2 man Tim Tebow , as well. Tim Tebow is disappointed he was passed over for starting job "Sometimes, things just happen out of your control," Tebow said Wednesday. Just make the most of these last two weeks and see what happens after that,” added Tebow, whom the Daily News reported Tuesday will ask to be traded or released at season’s end, assuming McElroy starts the final two games. Though it seems like a joke to think that a guy who helped take the Broncos from 1-5 to the final eight last season could be out of NFL options, there’s a chance he soon will be forced to move on from the NFL unless he wants to move out to a new position.
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    • Source Explains Coaches Inability to Use Tebow

      With the season circling the bowl, those in the Jets organization are getting a lot less shy about talking about what’s gone wrong with this team this season.  Since Tebow has been such a central part of things it’s only fitting that folks are delvin
    • Who is the Jets' No. 2 quarterback?

      Someone will hold a clipboard, and someone most likely will be inactive. But the New York Jets have been mum on the roles quarterbacks Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow will play Sunday against the San Diego Chargers. Jets coach Rex Ryan continues to deflect q…
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    • Tebow to the Patriots next season?

      Tim Tebow will seek a release or trade from the New York Jets after the season ends. I can’t envision why the Jets would keep him after this past season of misusing Tebow in every way, they at least owe him that much. Most likely they will release Tebow
    • Sources: Jets could trade QBs Sanchez, Tebow

      Mark Sanchez is no longer the face of the New York Jets. He could soon be a former member of the team.
      Source: CNNSI.com
    • For Tampa Bay Bucs, Tim Tebow isn't a good fit

      By Gary Shelton, Times Sports Columnist Thursday, December 20, 2012 Even now, his followers believe.Even now, they imagine greatness.It does not matter John Elway traded him for a whole bunch of nothing, or Joe Namath slammed him along the way, or Rex R…
      Source: tampabay.com
    • Four possible destinations for Tim Tebow

      The New York Jets laughably will attempt to trade former starting quarterback Mark Sanchez and his guaranteed $8.25 million salary for next season. That's not going to happen. But a more realistic possibility is the Jets shipping fellow backup quarterba…
      Source: ESPN.com
    • McElroy: Everything I know about playing QB I learned from Sanchez

      Jets fans are nearly unanimous in their belief that Mark Sanchez is a pathetic excuse for a quarterback whose benching was overdue. But the man Sanchez will replace as the Jets’ starter on Sunday, Greg McElroy, doesn’t see it that way. McElroy says Sa
    • More terrible Tim Tebow news: now he’s broken up with his girlfriend, too

      Here's a sentence we never thought we'd be typing a year ago: It kinda sucks to be Tim Tebow right now. Soon after news broke that Jets head coach would pass over Tebow for the starting quarterback slot and he might be sent packing, reports surfaced tha…
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    • McElroy start frustrates Jets backup Tebow

      A clearly miffed Tim Tebow, no longer masking his season-long frustration, left no doubt Wednesday that he's unhappy with his role on the New York Jets and will seek to play elsewhere next season.
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Tebow ticked Rex passed him over for McElroy

      Tim Tebow has remained calm, cool and collected through the perfect storm of this season with the Jets. Wednesday, after being dismissed for Greg McElroy, he kept his cool, but was clearly unhappier than he’s ever been publicly since joining the Jets.
    • Position statement: Tebow, Sanchez out in N.Y.?

      Breaking sports news video. MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL highlights and more. In Mike Florio’s ‘Position Statement’ segment, Florio examines the New York Jets’ QB situation. He declares the Tim Tebow trade a failure and predicts Tebow is either traded or cu
      Source: yahoo.com
    • Tebow says he hasn’t asked to be traded, yet

      Jets quarterback-of-all-trades Tim Tebow reportedly will ask to be traded or released after the season.  Asked about the situation on Wednesday, Tebow said he has not asked to be traded. Yet. According to our buddy Bob Glauber of Newsday, Tebow said tha…
    • Ryan: Both Jets, Tebow had higher expectations

      FLORHAM PARK, N.J. (AP) Rex Ryan had higher expectations for the New York Jets' wildcat-style offense with Tim Tebow, and says things haven't "panned out" the way he or the backup quarterback anticipated.
      Source: CNNSI.com
    • Rallying Around Tebow, as Jets Run From Him

      The Jets haven't achieved much this season, but they have managed to unite people in feeling sympathy for Tim Tebow.
      Source: nytimes.com
    • CFL could be the key to Tebow’s quarterback salvation

      Now that the New York Jets have benched Mark Sanchez, passed Tim Tebow by, and decided to go with second-year, seventh-round quarterback Greg McElroy as their short-term answer at the position, one must wonder what Tebow's future might be as an NFL pass…
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    • Montreal could be Tebow’s eventual destination

      If the Jets decide to cut quarterback Tim Tebow, the next question becomes whether any other team will sign him.  Though some think he’d be a viable fullback at the NFL level, Tebow may insist on playing quarterback. And if the Jaguars or the Cardinals
    • Tebow Reportedly Wants Out of NY Via Release or Trade

      All season long Tim Tebow has been nothing but a cheerleader for the Jets, and now it appears the QB has reached his breaking point. Tuesday after it was announced that Mark Sanchez would sit and Greg McElroy would QB for the Jets, it came out that Tebo…
      Source: jetsgab.com
    • Report: Tebow Expected to Request Trade or Release

      Next domino in Jets QB situation: Tim Tebow will request to be traded/released after season assuming McElroy starts last 2 games, per source - Manish Mehta(@MMehtaNYDN) December 19, 2012 Eric Weeks, theJetsBlog.comYou really cannot blame Tebow for wanti
    • Report: Tebow will ask to be traded or released

      In a move that will surprise no one - not even the most ardent believer that Tim Tebow will absorb any and all indignities and then say he’s “excited” for more - Tebow will ask to be traded or released by the Jets if Greg McElroy starts the last
    • Tebow gets an entire drive

      NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- They weren’t his first or last touches of the game, but they will get the most attention. For the first time all season, Tim Tebow was given an entire drive to run the offense on his own on Monday, with mixed results. Down 7-3 in the
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Mark Sanchez turns the ball over five times, ends Jets’ playoff hopes

      Even after all the circuses, all the bad plays, and all the execrable coaching decisions, the New York Jets actually still had a shot at the 2012 playoffs if they could keep the fires burning and get a little help. But that 6-7 Jets team went into LP Fi…
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    • Agony of the Jets, on Twitter

      A look at the initial reactions on Twitter as the Jets were eliminated from the playoffs in a 14-10 loss to the Tennessee Titans.
      Source: nytimes.com
  • Gene Frenette: If it's about marketing, Jaguars should pass on Tim Tebow

    Until Tim Tebow decides to retire from pro football, and especially when he's about to be released or traded, the question about whether the Jaguars should acquire the hometown quarterback will never subside. Here we go again: Chapter 3 of "Where W…
  • Super Bowl, Tebow, Saints: Answers to Readers' Questions

    Judy Battista, the N.F.L. reporter for The Times, answers questions from readers.
    Source: nytimes.com
  • Thing to know: Chris Johnson’s future

    Breaking sports news video. MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL highlights and more. In this video, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk breaks down Chris Johnson’s reported deal with the Titans worth $10 million for 2013. Florio says that the Titans have allowed CJ to beco
    Source: yahoo.com
  • Game Recap: Total Recall

    Where are we even supposed to start?  The four picks? The fact that the defense held the Titans to 14 points in the face of five turnovers? The fact that Mark Sanchez is a withered and lifeless husk of a quarterback?  The mind-boggling playcalls of Tony

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