• Tom Brady: Every week offers Patriots opportunity to ‘prove everybody wrong or right’

    Summary of 14 articles · Updated Sep 16, 2013
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    • Film Review: Tom Brady inaccurate, Vince Wilfork ineffective in Patriots win over Jets

      The Patriots escaped with a 13-10 win over the Jets Thursday night. While any division win is a good win, the offense struggled mightily and gives little faith that it will be able to keep pace with future opponents such as the Falcons, Saints, and Bron…
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    • Patriots’ Kenbrell Thompkins overcame troubled past

      After seven arrests between ages 15 and 18, Kenbrell Thompkins appears to have turned his life around. Now, he is starting at wide receiver for the Patriots and catching passes from Tom Brady.
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    • At the end of ugly Jets-Patriots game comes an uglier display

      Former Jet LaDanian Tomlinson disclosed that coach Rex Ryan once told his team that he was going to punch Bill Belichick in the face. It was a lighthearted motivational ploy by Ryan, Tomlinson said, meant to fire up his players.
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    • Julian Edelman evolving into Patriots’ versatile standout

      FOXBOROUGH — There are many college players who reinvent themselves on the football field if it means even an outside shot of making it to the NFL.
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