• Tom Brady’s crazy mansion cost $20 million … and it has a moat

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Jan 26, 2013
    Ignore that this man has constructed a moat to ward intruders away from his California mansion, which cost $20 million. You can't really see it from the above angle because the massive house is blocking our view, but here's another view, where you can the moat that Tom Brady has surrounding his California home, which cost $20 million: He also doesn't have to worry about his house being plundered during the big game, considering he has a moat out front. Above, Tom Brady's new $20 million California home, which, besides being sunken into what looks like an un-traversable valley, also has a moatliterally, a moat. At least when Tom Brady is watching the Super Bowl at home, he will do so in style. Has Tom Brady's appeal to Patriots fan ever stemmed from the fact that he has the "common touch," or do fans just like him because he's really good at football? Just that he's really good at football? OK. Go about your business, then. Other popular content on Yahoo! Sports: • Diamondbacks trade talent for culture in Justin Upton deal • Shabazz Muhammad raises eyebrows after big UCLA win • Mature 'Melo shows MVP prowess against Kevin Garnett, Celtics • Danica Patrick's new beau is a fierce rival

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