• Tom Coughlin Yells At Greg Schiano Because Tom Coughlin Yells At People

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    It was a good day for New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin, at least for the most part. Tom Coughlin and the Giants think the "call" to try and tackle a football player during a football game came directly from Tampa Bay head coach Greg Schiano. When the game ended and the two coaches met to shake hands in the middle of the field, Tom Coughlin had some heated words for new Bucs’ head coach Greg Schiano. Coughlin sought out Schiano on the field following the New York Giants' 41-34 victory and yelled at the former Rutgers coach. As Manning took that knee from his own 29-yard line with five seconds left, the Bucs and Giants got into it in an altercation that Coughlin said could have caused injuries when it's generally accepted that teams adopt a "hands-off" policy. Q: How did the injuries affect you? A: We are in a goal line situation and you usually don’t think that is a danger situation and we haveDavid Diehl he’s been like an iron man around here and he gets hurt, and I didn’t even know the circumstance around Bradshaw’s injury, but the next thing you know he is out, and Hixon was out, and you giveSean Locklear…you’ve got to give people credit.
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    • The Day After: Tom Coughlin and Giants Find a Way to Win

      Giants head coach Tom Coughlin held a conference call with the media this morning…. Opening statement: “It was a heck of a football game being down at the half and coming out with the result that our players did and it didn’t start out well. We talk
    • Coughlin furious over 'cheap shot' on Manning

      Tom Coughlin got heated with Greg Schiano after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' first-year coach told his players to knock Eli Manning to the ground as the franchise quarterback took a knee on the final play of the game.
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    • Tom Coughlin Postgame Comments

      Tom Coughlin spoke with the media after the Giants’ rollercoaster win over Tampa Bay today: “I congratulated our guys on the win, and of course coming out in the second half and playing the way they did. The first half was very disappointing. A lesser
    • Tom Coughlin has harsh words for Greg Schiano after Giants beat Buccaneers

      It was a good day for New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin, at least for the most part. Quarterback Eli Manning threw for 510 yards, second-most in team history (Phil Simms holds the franchise record with 513 yards in one game), and the G-Men bounced…
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    • Coughlin calls on Giants elders to pick it up

      For all the attention being paid to rookie running back David Wilson’s fumble, it was some of the Giants veterans that drew some scrutiny from their coach as well. Coughlin told Alex Marvez of FoxSports.com that he was disappointed in the lack of atten
  • Greg Schiano stands by his approach to kneel-downs

    A day later, Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano isn’t second-guessing himself about telling his defensive linemen to fire off the ball and try to get through the line and cause a fumble when the Giants were kneeling down to run out the clock on the final pla
    • Old-school NFL voices appreciate Greg Schiano’s approach

      There was a great hue and cry after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers seemed to lose the NFL's "code book" at the end of their 41-34 loss to the New York Giants. Instead of allowing Giants quarterback Eli Manning to take a knee and run out the clock af…
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    • Schiano, Coughlin and the Unwritten Rules

      Giants Coach Tom Coughlin scolded the rookie Bucs coach Greg Schiano for breaking an unwritten rule by having his team try to tackle Eli Manning on a kneel-down at the end of the game.
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    • Schiano Not Apologetic for End of Game Scuffle

      The Giants had finished their comeback, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers along with it. With only seconds left on the clock and no time left for the Bucs to come back, the Giants did the traditional kneel-down to end the game. When the ball is snapped, the defe…
    • Giant controversy: Coughlin steamed at Schiano for kneel down breach

      After the Tampa Bay defense tried to hammer Eli Manning one last time on Sunday afternoon, several of them apparently told the angry Giants they were only following orders from their coach.
    • Handshake 2: Giants coach Coughlin, players, take exception to Schiano tactic during kneel down

      New York Giants coach Tom Couglin had some strong words for Bucs coach Greg Schiano during the handshake at midfield following his team's 41-34 win over Tampa Bay Sunday. Schiano, who is in his first year as an NFL coach after 11 seasons at Rutgers, ins…
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  • NY Giants' Eli Manning tripped up by Tampa Bay in final seconds, Tom Coughlin unhappy with Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano

    Eli Manning showed the many aspects of his personality Sunday: The really bad Eli nearly put the Giants in a dangerous 0-2 hole to start the season before the really good Eli came back to win the game.
  • Sunday Morning Notes and Nuggets

    The Giants will clash with the Bucs this afternoon and if Tampa’s offensive scheme looks familiar, it’s no mistake. Their offensive coordinator, Mike Sullivan, was a Giants assistant under Tom Coughlin for eight seasons. From USA Today’s Game On!…

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