• Trent Richardson and Brandon Weeden: Cleveland Browns player quotes

    Summary of 4 articles · Updated Oct 11, 2012
    What about Weeden? He could be much worse. He's got 1,288 yards . He was limited in practice Wednesday, but said he will play Sunday when the Browns host the Bengals. Working backward: by 14 points at the Giants, by seven at the Ravens, by 10 against the Bills, by seven at the Bengals, by one against the Eagles, by four against the Steelers, by six against the Ravens, by three at the Cardinals, by 11 at the Steelers, by 14 against the Ravens, and by three at the Bengals.
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    • Why Is Everyone So Down On The Cleveland Browns?

      Not so long ago, Jets linebacker Bart Scott uttered some immortal words: "We take a lot of slack, people gave us no chance... we're a good football team." This is not the rhetoric emerging from Cleveland now, but it should be. Instead, we have…
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    • Concussion left an impression on TE Alex Smith: Cleveland Browns Insider

      Back after sitting out three weeks with a concussion, Browns tight end Alex Smith had time to consider his long-term health.
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  • Smith back on the field

    After missing three games with a concussion, Browns tight end Alex Smith has returned to practice and is looking forward to playing against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday.

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