• Tuesday morning one-liners

    Summary of 4 articles · Updated Feb 14, 2014
    Says former Jets RB Emerson Boozer, who was on the Super Bowl III-winning team, “They’ve had one, but they’ve waited a long time to get back to another, and I’m hoping that it’s done before my life expires.
    • Friday morning one-liners

      Said Bills senior offensive assistant Jim Hostler of his new role, “I think it’s a chance to not be the coordinator but have insight into the coordination of the offense, not just coaching a position. I had a lot of it in Baltimore. I had a lot of respo…
    • Thursday morning one-liners

      New Bills WRs coach Rob Moore said the time was right to join the team this offseason. The Dolphins are setting this up as a make-or-break year for QB Ryan Tannehill. Patriots QB Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick impressed pro golfers with their skills…
    • Wednesday morning one-liners

      There’s much discussion in Buffalo about where a new stadium should be built. Will the Dolphins trade up in the first round of the draft again? After spending the 2013 season on injured reserve, Patriots DT Cory Grissom has an uphill battle to make the …

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