• Union: Weekly HGH tests for some players

    Summary of 11 articles · Updated Aug 15, 2013
    The NFL Players Association has told its members that the union "tentatively agreed" that 40 players will take blood tests for HGH each week during the season, with a positive result drawing a four-game suspension. While Tuesday's memo says owners and players "will likely finalize soon" the in-season weekly HGH testing, the union does not indicate what the NFL has agreed to or give specifics about what stands in the way. According to the Associated Press, the NFLPA sent a memo to its members saying they h...
    • NFL has agreed to outside arbitration for positive HGH tests

      The NFL and NFLPA haven’t reached final agreement on every issue regarding HGH testing. But the two sides have struck a deal on plenty of the pending points of contention. Per a league source, the areas of agreement include the use of third-party arbitr…
    • Source: Appeals 'final hurdle' to HGH test in NFL

      The "final hurdle" to testing players for HGH this season apparently involves the NFL and union agreeing on whether Commissioner Roger Goodell will hear appeals for violations other than a positive test, according to a person who works for the league.
    • HGH Testing Isn't Happening Because No One Trusts Roger Goodell

      The NFL and the NFLPA are reportedly close to an agreement on preliminary steps toward HGH testing. The only thing that stands in the way is the fact that the players seriously do not trust Roger Goodell, not in the slightest.Read more...
      Source: deadspin.com
    • In memo, union tells NFL players HGH testing close

      The NFL Players Association "tentatively agreed" to let the league take 40 blood samples for HGH tests each week during the season, with a positive result drawing a four-game suspension,Click to Continue »
    • NFL, NFL Players Association reach 'tentative agreement' on HGH testing

      Blood testing expected to commence this seasonThe NFL and the NFL Players Association have reached a tentative agreement on human growth hormone testing this season, according to a players' union memo.
  • Roger Goodell’s role in appeals process holding up NFL, NFLPA agreement on HGH testing

    The NFL and NFL Players Association are closer than ever to an agreement on an HGH testing policy. The league has wanted to implement a testing program since the 2011 collective bargaining agreement was reached, and even players are in favor of a progra…
    Source: yahoo.com

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