• Urlacher hasn’t been in contact with Bears’ brass for some time

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    “They think he’s the guy, so there you go,” Urlacher said. “I have no idea,” Urlacher said. “Yes, very large,” Urlacher said. “It’s good for him. Urlacher said Tuesday that he hasn’t spoken to chairman George McCaskey or “anyone in management for the Bears” for some time. Urlacher wasn’t available for comment Wednesday, but he admitted Tuesday that watching Ditka get honored at Soldier Field was ‘‘pretty cool.’’ But his strongest opinions were reserved for the Bears. It’s hard to find them in the NFL, and I think the GM there [Phil Emery] thought he had one, so they paid him like one.”
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    • Ditka urges Bears, Urlacher to ‘let it go’

      NEW YORK — Whether former linebacker Brian Urlacher has recovered from his messy split with the Bears or not, he and the team need to make peace, Mike Ditka said Wednesday. The Hall of Fame tight end and coach should know. After 20 years of hard feeling…
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    • Urlacher dishes on Cutler, Lovie, Trestman and all things Bears

      NEW YORK — The Super Bowl media-day responsibilities for the Seahawks and Broncos were done. Players were free to further their game-day studies or to enjoy everything — good or bad — that New York offers. But Brian Urlacher was still busy with his own …
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