• Utah Jazz CEO Greg Miller recounts night Jerry Sloan resigned

    Summary of 6 articles · Updated Jun 26, 2013
    In his first detailed explanation of the night Sloan resigned, Miller, the CEO of the Larry H. "Jerry, I know this is frustrating," Miller said to Sloan. Sloan walked away from the team toward his office and past Miller, saying: "I'd like to have a word with you after the game." "Jerry said, ‘If you’re going to change the play, it would be nice if you’d let the rest of the team know so we’ve got a chance at scoring,’ or something like that," Miller said. After the game, Miller reaffirmed the franchise's commitment to the coach. Less than two weeks later, Williams was traded for a package that included Derrick Favors, a draft pick that turned into Enes Kanter and the No. 21 pick in Thursday’s draft.
    • Utah’s owner goes on record about the night Deron Williams drove Jerry Sloan to his breaking point

      The rumors behind Jerry Sloan’s abrupt 2011 retirement have always run along these lines: Utah Jazz’s longtime head coach did not like having to fight constant pitched battles with star guard Deron Williams following Williams’ derivations from Sloan’s p…
      Source: yahoo.com

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