• Vick says he was just asked a question, and was just being honest

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Jun 9, 2013
    Mike Vick may not be one of those who will do the same thing. While Vick didn’t say he was simply asked a question, he said he was never asked if he thinks he’s getting enough reps. As to his comments to CSNPhilly.com regarding a desire that coach Chip Kelly name a starter before camp, Vick placed on the table the “I just was being honest in response to a question” card. Of course, the bigger question is whether the Eagles or anyone else will be willing to make Vick the starter in 2014.  Then again, since Vick’s primary justification for saying that he wants an answer from Kelly before camp is that Vick was simply being truthful, there’s no reason to assume he was being untruthful when he provided an estimated duration of his remaining career. With a one-year deal in Philadelphia, there’s a chance he’ll have to consider commencing the clipboard-holding phase of his career, if he can’t find a team that will hand him the job or if he can’t beat out whoever he’d be competing with.
    • Vick says he has a “couple more years left”

      At a time when more and more quarterbacks are performing at a high level even on the wrong side of 35, there’s no reason to think that more of them won’t do the same thing. Mike Vick may not be one of those who will do the same thing. During Saturdayâ

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