• Vikings concerned about McCoy

    Summary of 5 articles · Updated Dec 13, 2013
    But McCoy says that all the time. Several Vikings players compared McCoy to Detroit's Reggie Bush because of his versatility as a receiver. Greeting McCoy on Thursday morning was a column on the front of the Denver Post sports section, with a tease on A1, that said the Broncos were better off without McCoy. Specifically LeSean McCoy, who leads the league in rushing with 1,305 yards. The emergence of Philadelphia quarterback Nick Foles has become one of the NFL’s most surprising stories this season, but the Vikings say their primary focus lies with the Eagles running game. Not everything went right for the Chargers in their 27-20 victory, it just seemed that way, so complete in the end was the Chargers’ domination, as they held the ball for almost 39 of the game’s 60 minutes, played their best defensive game and continued to smother on special teams.
    • Upset over Broncos fuels Chargers’ belief in McCoy

      Very few gave the Chargers a chance last night against the Broncos, but few in the Chargers room had a doubt such wins were coming. While the Chargers improved to 7-7, it was a statement win for first-year coach Mike McCoy, whose conservative demeanor u…
    • Credit Mike McCoy with this victory

      Chargers head coach has infused team with belief from the start.
  • McCoy's Locker Room Speech Over Denver

    Check out Head Coach Mike McCoy's victory speech in the locker room over the Denver Broncos.
    Source: chargers.com

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