• Vikings: Percy Harvin or a top FA, not both?

    Summary of 70 articles · Updated Mar 13, 2013
    Vikings receiver Percy Harvin reportedly wants out of Minnesota.  The agreement between the Seahawks and Vikings was only half the story in the acquisition of Percy Harvin. Asked by the Minneapolis Star-Tribune about the Vikings trading Percy Harvin to Seattle, Carter said the Vikings will actually be in better shape now. Seattle's move to acquire Percy Harvin from the Minnesota Vikings on Monday marked the fourth time in two years Seattle has added a young, highly talented and highly priced offensive player age 25 or younger. Harvin would not give the Rams a prototypical No. 1 receiver, but he would give them something they haven't had on offense recently: a player opponents had to develop their defensive plans around. Harvin can be a downfield threat AND he can be Darren Sproles AND he can be used as a second emergency penisif Fred Smoot is in a bind. He's extremely versatile. Several times!!!" Then, the Ravens continued their tear-down of a Super Bowl–winning roster by astonishingly dealing wideout Anquan Boldin, who led all playoff participants in virtually every receiving category, to the 49ers for a sixth-round pick.
    • Christian Ponder doesn’t care what Percy Harvin thinks

      Vikings receiver Percy Harvin was traded to the Seahawks reportedly in part because he wouldn’t stop complaining about quarterback Christian Ponder. That doesn’t bother Ponder. Ponder told the Pioneer Press that he doesn’t know for sure that Harvin
    • Seattle officially completes trade for Harvin

      The Seattle Seahawks have completed their trade with Minnesota to acquire wide receiver Percy Harvin in exchange for a trio of draft picks.
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Migraines no longer a concern for Percy Harvin

      During his first few years with the Minnesota Vikings, Percy Harvin had been plagued by migraines that affected his ability to perform in practice and even games. Harvin missed three games and countless practices in Minnesota as migraines would appear a…
    • Harvin gets $67 million over six years

      Percy Harvin has gotten the new team that he wanted, and with it came a new deal. Per a league source, it’s a six-year, $67 million deal that replaces the last year of Harvin’s rookie deal, at $2.775 million in salary. Thus, the total average is $11.1
    • Spielman says chance to trade Harvin “came really quick”

      Not long ago, the Vikings seemed to be backed into a corner when it comes to receiver Percy Harvin. Then, all of a sudden, they stumbled an opening to trade him. “It was an opportunity that came really quick,” G.M. Rick Spielman said Tuesday, in a pre
    • Harvin deal done, Vikings get a third-rounder in 2014

      Percy Harvin is officially a Seahawk.  And the full trade terms are now known. The Vikings have announced the deal, which will send a first-round pick (25th overall) to Minnesota, a seventh-round pick in 2013, and a third-rounder in 2014. Previously, th…
    • Seahawks, Harvin ready to finalize deal

      Harvin, Seahawks have agreement in placeBy Mike Florio | ProFootballTalk.com The agreement between the Seahawks and Vikings was only half the story in the acquisition of Percy Harvin. The deal was contingent upon the Seahawks reaching an agreement with …
    • Explosive Harvin could be Seahawk by Tuesday

      Explosive. That describes Percy Harvin on a football field, and - at times - away from it. Explosive also applies to the Seahawks'...
    • Scoggins: Harvin's nonstop drama wore thin with Vikings

      Harvin provided some thrilling moments and high-level production for four seasons. But he made life uncomfortable off the field and walked away from the team last season.
    • Boldin and Harvin Sent Packing As the NFL Offseason Gets Busy

      On Monday afternoon, two notable wide receivers were dealt away in trades that seemed to make little sense for the organizations who were giving away ...
      Source: grantland.com
    • Harvin contract in place, trade hinges on physical

      The Seahawks have made a bold, aggressive move to trade for Vikings receiver Percy Harvin, the 2009 NFL offensive rookie of the year. And while the deal hinges on both Harvin passing a physical and the Seahawks and Harvin working out a contract, a sourc…
    • Teammate on Harvin's mystery December exit: 'We never got a clear answer on that'

      Here's what one Vikings player had to say about the team's trade of Percy Harvin to Seattle and all that tied into it.
    • Kevin Williams can’t name a receiver on the Vikings roster

      Vikings running back Adrian Peterson feels like he has been kicked in the stomach after the Percy Harvin trade.  Vikings defensive tackle Kevin Williams apparently feels like he has been kicked in the head. Following the trade of Harvin and the recent r…
    • Percy Harvin latest young offensive weapon

      NFL teams rarely part with highly talented young players. When they do, the Seattle Seahawks are going to have some interest. Seattle's move to acquire Percy Harvin from the Minnesota Vikings on Monday marked the fourth time in two years Seattle has add…
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Percy Harvin trade crushes Adrian Peterson

      Players play and general managers manage. Moves made Monday drove home that point. The Baltimore Ravens traded Anquan Boldin to the San Francisco 49ers even though Joe Flacco, the Ravens' recently re-signed quarterback, had publicly lobbied to keep the …
      Source: ESPN.com
    • VikesCentric Extra: What happens now that Harvin is gone?

      The Vikings have traded Percy Harvin to the Seahawks, so what happens now?
    • Don Banks: With Harvin trade, fortune likely to favor bold Seahawks again

      For a franchise that has rapidly become known for its fearless, unconventional thinking on personnel matters, Seattle's trade for disgruntled Vikings receiver-return man Percy Harvin on Monday is another bold step. And one that again reinforces the perc…
      Source: CNNSI.com
    • Percy Harvin: Has to be more to story

      There was a time when prevailing wisdom suggested the Minnesota Vikings would struggle to get a second-round draft choice in return for trading receiver Percy Harvin. As the thinking went, Harvin's reputation as a high-maintenance personality and the ne…
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Harvin traded to Seattle

      According to FOX's Jay Glazer, the Minnesota Vikings have agreed to send WR Percy Harvin to the Seattle Seahawks for draft picks, pending a physical examination.
    • VikesCentric: Harvin package exceeds expectations

      The Vikings scored big by receiving three picks from the Seahawks, including this year's 25th overall selection.
    • Thoughts on Harvin, Talib, CBs and more collusion?

      Patriots would never do the deal the Seahawks did for Harvin, and Talib is still option No. 1 for Patriots at cornerback.
      Source: boston.com
    • Vikings get three picks for Harvin

      Eight years ago, the Vikings traded receiver Randy Moss to the Raiders for a first-round pick, a seventh-round pick, and linebacker Napoloeon Harris. Now, the Vikings have parlayed Percy Harvin into a first-rounder, a seventh-rounder, and a mid-round se…
    • Percy Harvin to Seahawks? Let's chat

      Reports say Percy Harvin has been traded by the Vikings to the Seahawks. Compensation is uncertain. We've opened up a live blog to take your questions. You can also send them via Twitter to @espn_nfcnblog or @espn_nfcwest. Update: Our Q&A has ended.…
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Harvin deal includes at least one first-round pick

      The full terms of the Percy Harvin trade aren’t yet known. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the compensation includes at least a first-round pick. There may or may not be more.  For now, the Vikings get at least the Seahawks’ 2013 first-
    • Percy Harvin to Seahawks: Initial thoughts

      That did not take long. Fifty-five minutes after our wouldn't-this-be-fun post linking Percy Harvin to the NFC West, it's looking very much like Harvin is headed to the Seattle Seahawks for draft choices. ESPN's Adam Schefter called Seattle the front-ru…
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Percy Harvin: NFC West possibilities

      Assessing potential NFC West landing spots for receiver Percy Harvin in case the Minnesota Vikings trade him amid a lingering contract dispute: Arizona Cardinals The Cardinals appear set at wide receiver with Larry Fitzgerald, 2012 first-round pick Mich…
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Friday (Report: Percy Harvin threatened to walk out last year) edition: Wha' Happened?

      The twists and turns of Percy Harvin in purple added a new element last night when Yahoo's Jason Cole posted a speculative but informational report on what the Vikings might be thinking.
  • Peterson: `I feel like I just got kicked in the stomach. Several times!!!'

    The league's MVP isn't happy with the Harvin trade
  • Harvin is a headache, but not a lost cause

    The narrative when a talented but troubled player gets traded is always fascinating to me. The discourse goes something like this: I don't care how talented he is, he's not worth the headache.
    Source: CNNSI.com

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