• Vikings tweak Norseman logo

    Summary of 4 articles · Updated Feb 14, 2013
    On Thursday, the Vikings unveiled what the team is calling an evolution of its Norseman logo. Five elements of the Norseman have been changed: They also announced that the "new" Norseman will be available on gear starting this spring, which I guess is good news for the thousands of Vikings fans who felt his braids were too long. The sharper, bolder mark speaks to the direction the team is heading while still preserving the tradition of the Norseman. The Minnesota Vikings unveiled their new logo on Thursda...
    • Vikings Update Logo With Subtle Enhancements

      The Vikings released today the new updated logo — check out the slight changes below: “The enhanced mark strongly upholds the tradition and history of the Norseman,” said Jeff Anderson, director of corporate communications, in a news release. Five e
    • Meet the new Minnesota Vikings logo, same as the old Minnesota Vikings logo (mostly)

      The Minnesota Vikings unveiled their new logo on Thursday. Or at least they said it was a new logo. I'm frankly not sure whether or not to believe them because the two logos below look identical at first glance. OK, so the Norsemen aren't carbon copies …
      Source: yahoo.com
    • Can You Find The Five Differences In The New Vikings Logo?

      The Vikings have not "changed" or "altered" their Norseman logo, or whatever other plebeian teams do. It has been "enhanced." Play with the slider above to see both the old and new logos. More »
      Source: deadspin.com

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