• Vilma continuing defamation case against Goodell

    Summary of 5 articles · Updated Dec 12, 2012
    One day after his suspension in the NFL's bounty probe was overturned, Jonathan Vilma moved forward with his defamation claims against Commissioner Roger Goodell, while Drew Brees and other teammates went on the offensive against Goodell and the league office. "Right now, we are at 12 teams, obviously," Goodell said. But Goodell took issue with Tagliabue vacating the yearlong suspension of linebacker Jonathan Vilma and shorter bans for three other current and former Saints players. Goodell said that the o...
    Source: CNNSI.com
    • Goodell: Bounty players should be punished

      NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said he "fundamentally disagrees" with former league boss Paul Tagliabue's decision not to discipline players in the New Orleans Saints' bounty scandal.
      Source: CNNSI.com
  • NFL commissioner Roger Goodell discusses bounty program, expanded playoffs after Special Meeting in Dallas

    NFL commissioner Roger Goodell met with members of the media at today's Special Meeting in Dallas. Here's a recap of some of the key issues that Goodell discussed and/or was asked about. One of the main issues was expanding the playoffs from its current…
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    • Roger Goodell says he won't apologize to previously suspended players in New Orleans Saints bounty scandal

      NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell continues his stance that the Saints conducted a pay-to-injure program.
      Source: nola.com
    • Goodell says playoffs could expand

      At the conclusion of the league’s quarterly ownership meeting in Dallas, Commissioner Roger Goodell dusted off a concept that rears its head from time to time. Expanded playoffs. Goodell said that the owners “teed up” the issue of expanding the play

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