• Warren Moon: CFL not place for Tebow to fix throwing motion

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    We didn’t have to go up there and try and change our throwing motion,” Moon said. But would Tebow also be a major bust in the CFL? Former quarterback Warren Moon, who is well respected with Hall of Fame credentials, doesn't believe Tebow has what it takes to thrive in the league north of the border. Moon spent six years in the CFL before he got to the NFL, but said the difference between him and Doug Flutie going North of the border and Tebow was about chances, which Tebow has had. “We were very good passers. Because Hall of Famer Warren Moon added his voice to the down-with-Tim Tebow chorus, saying the Canadian Football League wasn’t a good fit because of the emphasis on passing, saying that was Tebow’s “biggest problem.” Moon said that Tebow has had plenty of opportunites to play quarterback in the NFL though not with the Jets, who cut him on Monday after he attempted only eight passes last year and added that he and Doug Flutie only went to Canada after college because they didn’t have any options in the NFL, not because they didn’t have the ability. “We were very good passers. Some teams would probably be interested if Tebow was more open-minded about a position change. “He’s worked as hard as anybody can but there just hasn’t been that much improvement made in his quarterback fundamentals and his technique so he might think about maybe playing another position if he wants to stay in the NFL.”
    • Would Tim Tebow be a bust in CFL?

      The NFL future of former New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow remains cloudy. But Tebow could play in another league this year, such as the CFL, if he so desires. His rights have already been claimed by the Montreal Alouettes. But would Tebow also be a m…
      Source: ESPN.com

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