• Watch Gilbert Arenas Messing With Nick Young On The Freeway

    Summary of 3 articles · Updated Oct 23, 2013
    Source: dimemag.com
    • Gilbert Arenas on his Wizards contract

      Gilbert Arenas was recently asked by TMZ whether his contract was the worst in NBA history. His response surely has Wizards executives choking on their Frosted Mini-Wheats. “What I did to get the contract was different than what I’ve done since I got th…
    • Gilbert Arenas seems pretty excited to see Nick Young on the freeway (Video)

      It's always nice to see an old friend while you're out and about; we too rarely take the opportunity to catch up these days, and the opportunity to check in with a pal and former colleague is an awful nice surprise while you're running errands. Gilbert …
      Source: yahoo.com

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Gilbert Arenas on his Wizards contract