• Where was Tebow? Jets' strategy stumps Landry

    Summary of 5 articles · Updated Feb 8, 2013
    Still, Landry said he “most definitely” would like to be back with the Jets.  Landry admitted that he thought Tebow was going to be more involved. Landry had scored 10 of the 20 points in the final quarter, and when it came time for Mark Jackson to draw up what he hoped to be the dagger, it was Landry who’d have the chance to plunge it in. The Pro Bowl safety said Wednesday he "most definitely" would like to be back with the Jets, but given his value and the Jets’ difficult cap situation that seems improb...
    • LaRon Landry Says The Jets Should Let Tebow Throw More

      It became apparent, as the season wore on, that the Jets simply were not going to trust Tim Tebow to throw the ball. In fact, it became apparent they didn’t trust him to do anything but simply run straight up the middle or protect the punter. That fact
  • Know Your Role: Carl Landry and the Playoff-Bound Golden State Warriors

    The NBA loves its stars (and so do we), but often, it's the bit players who are just as essential in defining a team's identity. Whether it's a high-p...
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