• White not with Rockets, still has team's support

    Summary of 12 articles · Updated Nov 17, 2012
    The team has not commented beyond White is "not available" and the Rockets will continue to support him. The Rockets said Friday night the team stands by its previous statement regarding White. Rockets rookie Royce White remains absent from the team in a dispute over how the Rockets are helping him confront his anxiety disorder. He says on his Twitter account that the Rockets have been "inconsistent" in helping him. We are committed to his long-term success and we will continue to support him now and goin...
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    • In His Battle With The Rockets, Royce White Throws Out The Nuclear Option And Takes A Stand Against Professional Sports

      Royce White's been struggling. Picked 16th by the Rockets this summer, the hybrid forward was demoted to the D-League on Monday, went AWOL for about a day, and resurfaced to accuse the Rockets of mishandling his increasingly famous anxiety disorder. The…
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    • Rockets' White says 'art of the business' at fault

      Rockets rookie Royce White will meet with Rockets general manager Daryl Morey to discuss his situation with the team.
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    • White says focus is on mental health first

      Rockets first-round pick Royce White says on Twitter that properly treating his mental health condition is more important than his NBA career.
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    • Dispute escalating, Rockets intend to fine White

      Houston Rockets intend to fine rookie Royce White for every day he remains away from the team or does not attend sessions with a therapist arranged by the team.
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Rockets rookie White still absent from practices

      Houston rookie Royce White remains absent from the team in a dispute over how the Rockets are helping him confront his anxiety disorder.
      Sources: nba.com ESPN.com
    • Royce White Is In A Standoff With The Rockets Over His Anxiety

      Royce White‘s battle with anxiety has been well documented. His issues arose almost immediately after being drafted by the Houston Rockets with the No. 16 pick in last June’s draft. He failed to report on time for training camp even as he was one of t
    • Rockets Demote Royce White, Who Blasts Team For "Inconsistent" Actions Regarding His Anxiety Disorder

      Indeed, as a mid-first round pick, there were high hopes that Royce White could ably compete in the NBA this season, despite the widespread acknowledgement and acceptance of the anxiety disorder that he has lived with for years. Now, the relationship be…
      Source: deadspin.com

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