• Who Won the Super Bowl Today?

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Jan 28, 2013
    There's something ? philanthropic about the Ravens' return to the Super Bowl . Don't bury the lede, Steve Flacco! ? Other Ravens tidbits: Brendon Ayanbadejo wants to use the Super Bowl and the intense spotlight that comes with it to promote his support of gay marriage, Terrell Suggs hasn't called the Niners "arrogant pricks" yet, Bernard Pollard thinks we are in the twilight years of professional football. John Harbaugh is giving Juan Castillo a second chance at a third career, as the noted early riser/unremarkable offensive line coach/much-maligned defensive coordinator has been announced as the Ravens' new ? well, I'll let Harbaugh explain: "He’ll be kind of a lead coach in terms of the run game and organizing the run game for us."
    Source: grantland.com

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