• Why Dallas Cowboys DE Kyle Wilber is practicing at linebacker

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Nov 15, 2013
    And the decision to move Wilber there wasn’t surprising, considering he played outside linebacker as a rookie and the Cowboys contemplated using Wilber at the Sam spot this off-season. Wilber struggled at the position, but improved as the season progressed. “It’s not a permanent move,” defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin said of Wilber’s transition to linebacker. After missing four games while recovering from a contusion on his spine, Dallas Cowboys rookie DeVonte Holloman returned to practice Wednesday. Went from a 3-4 where he was playing essentially an outside linebacker where he was on the line of scrimmage, to a 4-3 and then you say, 'OK, what’s his history? What’s he most comfortable doing? What are his best physical traits?' So we chose to play him at defensive end.

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