• Wilfs ordered to pay at least $84 million

    Summary of 3 articles · Updated Sep 23, 2013
    Paul Business Journal, the Wilfs have been ordered to pay at least $84 million in a fraud case arising from a New Jersey real estate deal that dates back to 1992. And it could get worse. Much worse. But if the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority's review of the Wilfs' finances hadn't already underscored the obvious point that an eight-figure judgment won't derail a family rich enough to own a NFL team, something the Wilfs' lawyers said in a Monday afternoon conference call drove home a reminder of why the lawsuit never put the Vikings' new stadium in jeopardy. The Wilfs can and will appeal the ruling, attorneys Shep Guryan and Peter Harvey said on Monday afternoon, and that could tie this case up in court for another two to three years. Wilf attorney Peter Harvey said the Wilfs, who did not attend the hearing, were informed of the judge’s decision. “What the Wilfs did in this case was abominable,” said Halpern’s attorney, Alan Lebensfeld, adding “they are sophisticated businessmen and they took advantage of my ­client.” The other key development from the ruling is that the case will be referred to a New Jersey criminal court, thanks to a state law that requires the attorney general to investigate any lawsuits that involve punitive damages.
    • Wilfs ordered to pay $84.5M in New Jersey real estate fraud case

      Money in fraud case going to former partners, but Wilfs’ attorneys expect the new Vikings stadium to open before the appeals process in the case ends.
    • Wilfs owe $84.5M, but not for awhile

      MINNEAPOLIS -- Judge Deanne Wilson came down hard on the Wilf family on Monday afternoon, ordering the Vikings owners to pay $84.5 million in compensatory and punitive damages to their business partners in a 21-year-old lawsuit. But if the Minnesota Spo…
      Source: ESPN.com

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