• Will Ferrell hilariously reads the Dodgers’ starting lineup before Game 5 of the NLCS

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    Ferrell, meanwhile, is having himself some fun with L.A. But they did invite actor/comedian Will Ferrell to read the team's lineup before the game. Ferrell's introduction of Zack Greinke didn't make the above video either, so here it is: The Dodgers didn't bring back the "Rally Bear" for Wednesday's do-or-die Game 5 of the NLCS against the St. Louis Cardinals. Those of us watching at home can enjoy's Ferrell's work in the video above, but sadly it leaves out Carl Crawford, Mark Ellis and Hanley Ramirez. At the time of this posting, in the third inning, the Dodgers and Cardinals were tied 2-2. But one of those L.A. We're all wiser now that we know Yasiel Puig believes in the Chupacabra and Juan Uribe loves Katy Perry.
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    • Will Ferrell Introduces The Dodgers Before Game 5 Of The NLCS

      For what could be their final home game of the season, the Dodgers pulled out all the stops and had Will Ferrell handle today's player introductions. As one might expect, it was very Will Ferrell-y.Read more...
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