• Will Ferrell Was An Usher At Last Night's Lakers Game, Wore A "Ted Vagina" Name Tag

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    So keep an eye out for Will Ferrell's new movie, Usher: The Legend Of Ted Vagina, I guess. As is usually the case, we have no idea why Will Ferrell was doing this, or why he was wearing a name tag that read, "Ted Vagina." Ferrell’s nametag read, um, “Ted Vagina.” It was Ted Vagina that threw Shaquille O’Neal out of the Lakers/Suns game on Tuesday. “Ted Vagina,” however, is not listed in the IMDB credits for the film. Ferrell is an Orange County native and frequent Laker attendee, but it’s important to note that Ferrell was playing a character of sorts as he shadowed as a security guard. Production has started on ‘Anchorman: The Legend Continues,’ a movie he co-wrote with noted NBA fan Adam McKay, hence Ferrell’s Ron Burgundy-styled mustache.
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  • Will Ferrell Dresses Up As Security Guard, Throws Shaq Out Of Staples Center

    While the Lakers second half play against Phoenix was sorry (check Smack for the gruesome details), the action off the court was pretty funny. Will Ferrell dressed up in a red coat, playing an arena security guard. He got so into it that he jokingly arr…
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    • Will Ferrell plays a security guard at a Laker game, ejects Shaquille O’Neal (VIDEO)

      Tuesday night’s Lakers/Suns tilt was hardly a classic. Kobe Bryant was deep into the heart of his martyr-y, “look what happens to you losers when I don’t score”-nights and finished with four points, nine assists and eight turnovers. Dwight Howard,
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