• Will Marshawn Lynch attend Media Day?

    Summary of 64 articles · Updated Feb 2, 2014
    Marshawn Lynch doesn’t see it that way. Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch showed up at Media Day. Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch had his third and final interview Thursday before the Super Bowl. Lynch: “It’s going to be good to get back to football. Very good.” Lynch left his media session on Thursday after a little more than seven minutes, and was much like his previous two this week. There’s no specific injury concern for Lynch, who has been sitting out Wednesday practices fairly often this season and coach Pete Carroll said Lynch would be ready to play after sitting out practice all last week. If it weren’t for all the nice people wishing him well, Lynch thinks he could do an even better job of keeping his mind off a process he can’t control.
    • Marshawn Lynch was a sentient being from Day 1

      For a guy who doesn’t do it often, Marshawn Lynch isn’t bad at the whole talking thing. Asked after their Super Bowl XLVIII win over the Broncos if this was the best day of his life, the Seahawks running back provided a wonderful response: “Next to bein…
    • Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch scores first touchdown of Super Bowl XLVIII (loop)

      Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch made headlines for not wanting to be in the news prior to Super Bowl XLVIII.Lynch did not want to speak with the media, and cut all of his interviews short. NFL Network analyst Deion Sanders tracked down Lync…
      Source: yahoo.com
    • Pass interference sets up Marshawn Lynch touchdown

      The Broncos’ defense has held Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch in check for most of the first half of Super Bowl XLVIII. But they couldn’t hold him out of the end zone when he only had half a yard to go. After a pass interference penalty on Tony Cart…
    • John Lynch, former Bronco, doesn't make Pro Football Hall of Fame

      The safety who brought thunder to the Rockies will have to wait to gain entrance into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
    • Marshawn Lynch was scheduled to appear on Jimmy Fallon’s show tonight

      It’s fitting, we suppose, that a guy who doesn’t like to talk was scheduled to appear on, you know, a talk show. During a break in today’s edition of Pro Football Talk at the Super Bowl on NBCSN, which originated all week from 30 Rock, we heard that Sea…
    • Former San Diegan Lynch on doorstep of Hall

      Torrey Pines High alum is in his first year as a finalist for Pro Football Hall of Fame.
    • Super Bowl practice report for Thursday: Lynch returns

      RB Marshawn Lynch had his customary rest day on Wednesday.
      Source: boston.com
    • As expected, Marshawn Lynch practices fully on Thursday

      After a customary day of rest, Seahawks tailback Marshawn Lynch was back on the practice field Thursday as Seattle prepared for Super Bowl XLVIII. According to the NFL’s official injury report, Lynch was a full participant in practice on Thursday. Likew…
    • Marshawn Lynch: ''Everything I do on the field is a reaction''

      Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch did indeed meet the media again today on what was the last day of mandated media obligations for players 0n the two Super Bowl teams. In something of a compromise, Lynch agreed to take questions from a select pool of …
    • Marshawn Lynch loves Tom Cable, for one specific reason

      The best thing about people who don’t say much is that, when they finally do, it’s usually pretty entertaining. That’s what happened on Thursday, when Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch came out of his shell regarding a man who was once accused of cra…
    • Doug Baldwin: It’s “ridiculous” that NFL forces Lynch to talk

      Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch does his best to avoid reporters, but during Super Bowl week that’s not easy: The NFL requires all players to meed with the media throughout the week, and although Lynch hasn’t had much to say, he has grudgingly atte…
    • Marshawn Lynch: ‘I’m just here so I won’t get fined, boss’

      Seahawks running back talks with media Wednesday for about five minutes, avoids fine. “I really don’t have much to say, boss.”
    • Marshawn Lynch doesn’t believe reporters are a bridge to the fans

      NFL players are required to speak to the media in part because the NFL views reporters as a bridge between the players and the paying customers, the fans. Marshawn Lynch doesn’t see it that way. Lynch, the Seahawks running back who admitted this morning…
    • Football Writers Are Furious With Marshawn Lynch

      Marshawn Lynch hates talking to the media. Hates it. He's skipped enough appearances this season that the NFL threatened him with a six-figure fine if he didn't speak at yesterday's Media Day. Lynch took the podium for just six unconstructive minutes, b…
      Source: deadspin.com
    • PFWA ‘appalled’ by Marshawn Lynch’s abbreviated interview session during Seahawks’ media day

      Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch does not want to speak with the media. The media wants Lynch to fulfill his league-mandated obligation to speak. Neither side is willing to budge. And it is getting ugly. Lynch, who avoided NFL mandated inter…
      Source: yahoo.com
    • PFWA “extremely disappointed” by Lynch’s conduct at Media Day

      Media Day has come and gone. But its impact will linger, for a bit at least. The Pro Football Writers of America have issued a statement regarding Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch’s conduct at Media Day, and regarding the NFL’s response to it. Lynch…
    • Seahawks' Marshawn Lynch not doing himself any favors with Super Bowl Media Day silence

      Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch is an incredible player, a punishing runner and the key to keeping Peyton Manning off the field Sunday. His performance off the field at Media Day Tuesday, however, guarantees he’s the biggest story/distraction for t…
    • Larry Stone: Hawks’ Lynch plays media game in ‘Least Mode’

      Seahawks star Marshawn Lynch allowed himself to be interviewed for only 6 minutes, 21 seconds at Super Bowl Media Day, but every second was memorable.
    • NFL satisfied with Lynch’s participation in Media Day

      Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch showed up at Media Day. Sure, he abandoned his designated position, hid off to the side, and ultimately said “sh-t” while being interviewed on NFL Network, but he showed up. Apparently, that’s good enough for the NFL…
    • Roundup: A Man of No Words, the Seahawks’ Lynch Finally Delivers a Few

      Marshawn Lynch, who did not talk to the news media this season, spoke to reporters for all of six minutes on media day. Performance, he said, is what counts.
      Source: nytimes.com
    • Lynch on NFL Network

      Along with the six or so minutes he talked to the media at-large during Tuesday's Super Bowl Media Day, Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch also talked with former NFL star Deion Sanders on the NFL Network. The NFL Network has provided the following lin…
    • Tight-lipped Marshawn Lynch goes from 'Beast Mode' to 'Least Mode' during Super Bowl XLVIII Media Day

      Aloof Marshawn Lynch speaks to media for about six minutes before going silent
      Source: nola.com
    • Marshawn Lynch: "When we win, that’s when I’ll be satisfied"

      As has been pretty well publicized, Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch didn't talk much at Media Day today, officially about six minutes, apparently good enough for him to avoid being fined for not participating (players were technically required to sp…
    • Marshawn Lynch: Super Bowl dream is “right here in front of me”

      It’s no secret Seahawks tailback Marshawn Lynch prefers actions to words. Still, Lynch clearly conveyed what the Super Bowl means to him in an interview with NFL Network’s Deion Sanders on Tuesday. It began when Sanders asked Lynch what he liked about S…
    • Marshawn Lynch's Media Day Interview Was Short And Sweet

      Marshawn Lynch is known for being a bit reclusive and wary of speaking to the media, but Deion Sanders was able to corner him for a few minutes of screen time on NFL Network today. Things got off to a good start; Lynch just replied, "smooth" w…
      Source: deadspin.com
    • Silent Mode: Lynch snubs media day reporters

      Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch abruptly left his session at Super Bowl media day and could be subject to a fine from the NFL.
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Media Day Takes Center Stage

      Today is the day the press has been waiting for. Tuesday kicked off the official Super Bowl Media Day for both the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos, and boy did it not disappoint. Starting with running back Marshawn Lynch who was at a podium for …
    • Marshawn Lynch keeps low profile at Media Day, drops “S” bomb on NFLN

      No, Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch didn’t stiff-arm Media Day. But he’s keeping a very low profile. Multiple reports indicated that Lynch left Media Day after roughly six minutes. In reality, Lynch found a spot to hide, away from the cameras and r…
    • Marshawn Lynch signs endorsement deal with Skittles

      Instead of just eating the Skittles for free on the sidelines, Marshawn Lynch will now be compensated for doing it. According to ESPN.com, Lynch and Skittles will announce a deal on Tuesday. Part of the deal includes Skittles donating $10,000 for every …
    • Teammates expect one-word Media Day answers from Marshawn Lynch

      Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch has said he’s thinking about not showing up for Media Day. Ed Werder of ESPN reports that Lynch’s teammates think Beast Mode won’t be a no-show. Per Werder, other Seahawks think that Lynch will keep his answers short…
    • Seahawks podium interviews for media day

      NEW YORK -- Here is the official list of Seahawks with podium assignments for media day Tuesday afternoon at the Prudential Center: Time: 12:45 p.m. ET to 1:45 p.m. ET 1. Earl Thomas 2. Russell Wilson 3. Pete Carroll 4. Richard Sherman 5. Kam Chancellor…
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Marshawn may skip Media Day

      Media Day often becomes notorious for the things players say. This year, Media Day could be significant for the things players don’t say. Or, more accurately, a player who chooses to say nothing. According to Mike Silver of NFL Network, Seahawks running…
    • NFL Network notes and quotes

      Here are some quotes about the Super Bowl from various NFL Network experts and guests today as provided by the NFL Network: - “This Seattle team is Peyton Manning’s kryptonite”. – Heath Evans on the Seattle Seahawks, both defensively and offensively - “…
    • Seattle East mode? Good sign for Jets

      The New York Jets have gone 45 straight years without a Super Bowl, and now the big game has landed in their backyard. It might seem like the classic so-close-yet-so-far story -- a tease -- but Super Bowl XLVIII actually provides hope for the Jets. In a…
      Source: ESPN.com

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