• Wizards ‘Bandwagon Cam’ mocks Heat fans

    Summary of 4 articles · Updated Jan 17, 2014
    • ‘Bandwagon Cam’ captures die-hard lifelong Heat fan

      The Wizards’ much-applauded Bandwagon Cam captured 10 or so Heat fans inside Verizon Center on Wednesday night, over the course of five different camera shots. Because of a tweet from @HoopsDistrict, though, one shot capturing two particular Heat fans b…
    • Wizards bandwagon cam video

      Above is the full video of last night’s Bandwagon Cam from the Wizards-Heat game. For the record, apparently the second couple in the video just moved here from Miami. @dcsportsbog And, just for the record, they can take a joke, and thought it was funny…
    • The Wizards' Bandwagon Cam Is Brilliant

      If you show up to a Wizards game decked out in the opposition's gear, prepare to be shamed on the jumbotron. This is the Wizards' bandwagon cam (we got a glimpse of this last night, but now we have video), which picks out fans who flaunt their flimsy af…
      Source: deadspin.com

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Wizards ‘Bandwagon Cam’ mocks Heat fans
‘Bandwagon Cam’ captures die-hard lifelong Heat fan