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AFC South

AFC South News and Rumors

All In The Family: They shared plenty as children, now they'll share… Updated Jan 28, 2013
They shared plenty as children, now they'll share the NFL's biggest stage on Super Bowl Sunday. Are the Harbaughs cracking under the limelight? Not quite yet, writes Dennis Dillon.
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  • Florida man pleads guilty in Freeney fraud case Jan 28, 2013
    A Florida man has pleaded guilty to a fraud charge in a Los Angeles courtroom in connection with swindling about $2.3 million from Indianapolis Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney.
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  • Irsay deserves applause for Grigson hire Jan 28, 2013
    When Jim Irsay ousted Bill Polian and decided to start with a fresh face leading the front office as well as the offensive huddle, he took a serious risk. Brusque as Polian was and despite missing on many of his player choices late in his term, he was a…
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  • Griffin thinks Gregg Williams would help Titans defense

    Titans safety Michael Griffin doesn’t really know Gregg Williams, but he figures bringing him into the coaching staff can’t hurt. The Titans, who ranked 27th in the league in defense, are considering bringing Williams on board, assuming he gets reinst
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  • Luke Butkus among the Jaguars’ new assistant coaches Jan 28, 2013
    The Jaguars have formally announced the names of several members of new coach Gus Bradley’s staff, and the most recognizable name is Butkus. No, Bradley didn’t hire Dick Butkus to coach the Jaguars’ linebackers. It’s Dick’s nephew, Luke Butkus,
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  • New grades from Kiper for 2012 draft Jan 28, 2013
    Mel Kiper Jr. looked back on the 2012 NFL draft and his grades and offers a revised mark to every team in this Insider piece. Let's look at what he said about the AFC South. Texans Summary: "Each of the first six players drafted by the Texans manag…
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  • The Following Players' Jerseys Were Selected To The Pro Bowl Fan Brawl: Jan 28, 2013
    Andre Johnson, Texans; Aaron Brooks, Saints; Joe Montana, 49ers; Hines Ward, Steelers; Brett Favre, Packers. More »
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  • RTC: Texans ticket prices going up Jan 28, 2013
    Reading the coverage ... Houston Texans Texans ticket prices are going up an average of nearly 10 percent, says John McClain of the Houston Chronicle. To which I say: At least ticket buyers will get more for their money. Reliant Stadium will have upgrad…
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  • J.J. Watt's pinkie helps save the Pro Bowl

    The Pro Bowl had petered out, reaching walk-through levels a year ago. Which created a threat: If players didn’t put forth more effort, the game could go away. So Peyton Manning gave a speech at the start of the week and some defensive linemen -- J.J. W
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